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Saturday, May 25, 2013

I completed C25K Week 2 Day 1 (1.52 miles), in 00:19:00, pace 12:31 min/mile, with @RunDouble http://rndb.co/O1uS

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fat fasting day 2 down!

So I didn't post my stats..  I started at 152 (im 5'8) today I'm at 149 after one day. 
My favorite meals are yam noodles with 1TBSP butter, 1 TBSP cream cheese, 2tbsp parmesan cheese, garlic dried onions, basil, and red pepper flakes
This is about 200 calories and 90% fat

I also love 2 oz  of cream cheese spread over 2 romaine lettuce leaves topped with mustard or siracha

I'm still doing my 100 squats a day, it's day 8. I am noticing negative changes but I figure it has to get better before it gets worse.  My saddle bags have their own zip code.. 
I'm not sure if anyone gets runners world magazine, but there is an amazing story in there about a man who almost died as a child.  Amazing inspirational story, warmed my heart so much...
I'm not even sure anyone is reading my blog, but if anyone is please let me know what you would like me to post about..
I'm off to do 100 squats. And tomorrow is a running workout day! Woooohooooo

Oh I also need to find ways to incorporate my mocha walnut butter (I made myself) and my yo cheese made from full fat organic yogurt ( strain it over night in the fridge in a colander lined with about 4 paper towels) I use the big containers, then it's like cream cheese thickness!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trying something different..... Whats low carb to you?

So what is low carb to you?  what is low carb?  what does it mean to you?

Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll, scientifically speaking low carb is anything under 100g of carbs a day.  Personally in my book if you are under 100g of carbs this isn't low carb to me, for me.  If I'm not in ketosis I dont feel I'm eating low carb.  My doctor may say otherwise, but if there is no change on that silly ketosis stick I'm not eating low carb.  I have friends who get so excited and say KERRRRRRRRRRRY OMG IM DOING LOW CARB, I except that half a bagel I eat every day for breakfast etc etc.  I smile and nod and think negative things in my head lol...  I personally dont think this is low carb.  Getting all your carbs from one not so healthy carb source in the morning, then eating butter and steak the rest of the day isn't the way to go for me (allthough it sounds amazing lol) I am not against carb loading either (I don't think im yet physically fit enough to benefit by using it either) 
Well sorry for getting off track.  I personally benefit from being towards atkins induction level carbs(20g of carbs and lower), and VERY LOW CARB (vlc:10g carbs and less)for weightloss.. I love VLC  I feel amazing, have tons of energy, dont need that extra cup of coffee around 3pm etc.  BUT, I also like to stay very high fat, low protien low carb.  There are a few names for this floating around the net world, fat fast, nutritional ketosis etc.    So now I am going to try something new.   I'm going to cycle fat fast for 12 days with paleo for  2 days to reset and knock myself out of ketosis.  I want to turn myself into a SICK fat burning machine.  (hubbys along for the ride also)
Tomorrow I will post my stats, and if anyone wants I can also post some simple meals etc.  80% fat or higher with 1000cals-1300cals a day

For exercise I plan on keeping on with my 100 squats a day for 30 days (this is day 7 for me)  ANDDDDD my couch to 5k workouts (I signed up for 2 5ks in July) 
I also plan on adding on some other workouts here and there.  I am a fan of Chalean Johnson (chalean extreme, and turbo jam) and Callanetics (10 years younger in 10 hours, and Evolution) 

My 33rd birthday is July 10th and I plan on being in SICK shape for that birthday.  I want to look amazing, feel amazing and be amazing.  I want to own that crap! lmao
Every year I promise that this is the year.. but this year its going to be the year, no ifs ands or but(t)s
Some people like to draw, or write.. I like to better and study how to better myself.  
I'm looking to make some amazing friends along the way, and I need all of your help whos reading this to help me along the way.  This is my accountability. 
Lets DO THIS! 

Ok, I'm now off to go finish cooking my pot of tomato sauce for one of my last meals of eating high carb this weekend.  (zuccini as a noodle) 

Oh dont' mind my typos, mis-spelling and the occasional improper use of words.  I FINK IM SMARTZ! 
Happy SUNDAY everyone! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

 why not blog it?  I'm sure someone else in this world is living this same life too! I  work full time, I  wear a bodybugg constantly,  and always aim for my 10k  steps!  I  follow a  low carb,  very high fat diet,  and I'm struggling to lose those last 10  to 20 lbs,  and  cycle low carb and paleo/ primal.
I  signed up for my first 2 5ks,  and this is my year! I  love odd  numbered years lol, I  will be 33  in  July and I would love to finally be fit by then.   that is my goal.   soon when I am able to save some money, I  would love to take some heath and fitness  classes and get certified to help others.
I  just started  couch to 5k  yesterday ( found a great app ),  and  also today is day 6  of 30  of  my 100  squats a day  for 30  days  challenge.   have any questions or comments feel free!
you can also find me on instagram, queenbacon
 and don't mind the appearance,  this is my first active blog,  and I will be doing most posting from my cell phone!
 Ty  for taking the time to read,  now off to get ready for work!