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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Introducing The 21-Day Sugar Detox

I'm still SQUATTING!!! 21 day sugar detox!

So if you follow me on instagram, you know im still SQUATTING! YAYYYYY!
Today is day 21 so I only have one week left!  
lets see what else is new?  Well since im not an amazing enough blogger yet, I had to pre order my copy of the 21 day sugar detox (I have the ebook but I MUST have the printed copy)

I will be starting that some time in the beginning of November.
I have some how gained 10lbs (I'm almost back at 150lbs)  So its time to lower the carbs, and up my fat ASAP.
Tomorrow I will start a modified fat fast, I'll blog about it, post my stats on myfitnesspal, and Keep on SQUATTING!  WOOHOO
I want everyone's input!  Anyone interested in sugar detoxing with me next month?  ITS ONLY 21 DAYS! you have nothing to lose!

I'm also going to post my review of the book up after im done reading it, and rereading it.
Anyone want to get me the cook book for xmas?

I have also thought about maybe doing some videos of my random babble on youtube.  what does everyone think?  LET ME KNOW!  I'll deff post the videos here too!




oh and if you do decided to get the book and join me!  make sure you tell ballancedbites that I sent you! and that you think she should let me review her cookbook!  XOXOXO

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/QeASoyn6v2o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thursday, October 10, 2013


unfortunatly I do not have a kindle, or an ereader, or ipad.  I'm stuck with my samsung galaxy 3.

WELL  I love these healthy ebook bundles that get put out every so often.  They are so informative and full of useful information that I may not just purchase on my own.
I'm not getting paid (I'm not that good of a blogger YET lol)
But im on the fence if I want to go for this ebook bundle.  I'm debating, its calling my name, I feel it, I'm pulled to it with force.
I love to read but have been slacking lately.  Hubby is starting an overnight job next week so I am deffinatly going to have more time on my hands!  YAY Catch up on reading!!
Anyone have any input?  Should I get, Should I not get??  LET ME KNOWWWWWWW

Here's the link to check it out

Please comment and let me know what you think!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The easiest Pumpkin Sausage soup... EVER!!! (low carb and 21 day sugar detox friendly!)

OK for some reason over the years this is a soup is a recipe that I have adapted to almost any diet I followed.  This is one of those soups that is just about impossible to ruin.  Over the course of the chilly months you can make it with 10 different sausages, 10 different spices and it totally tastes different but is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG (twerking it mentally)

Now I wanted to post what I made, But I'm not a very follow direction person.
Please substitute anything you want and play with this recipe, like I said its almost impossible to mess it up unless you totally over season it!

This is how I start
With your oil/butter/ghee of choice
2TBSP in  a big pot on the stove
then Add in 1-2 medium onions chopped
when they are almost caramelized add in as much chopped garlic of your choice (I love garlic, and its great for you so I usually would add about  a head chopped)
then add your sausage or ground meat of choice about 2lbs  I have made it with breakfast sausage, lamb sausage, spicy Italian sausage, sweet Italian sausage, chicken sausage.  I say ground meat of your choice, maybe you don't love pork like I do?  There are 100s of paleo sausage recipes on the net! HECK Next time I may MAKE IT WITH BACON!
After the sausage browns, then drop in about a package of mushrooms sliced, raw.  let them cook for a few minutes then add your broth.
Depending on how chunky and thick or thin you want it I'd add about 64oz of broth for this batch.  Use any broth you have.  I had a left over turkey bone broth, and a left over pork bone broth in my huge freezer and I just used one of each.
then add a 15oz can of pumpkin.
stir well and add the seasonings of your choice I'm going to make suggestions but pick and choose the ones you want to suit your mood these are the ones I have found go best: (salt, pepper, bay leaf, oregano, basil, thyme, red chili flakes, sage, rosemary, fennel seeds)    Let this all simmer for around 20 minutes, stiring every so often.
Then add a half a can of canned coconut milk, don't skimp either, use the full fat stuff.  let simmer another 20 minutes and serve.
Its really hard to mess this soup up, every single time I make it my family raves that "THIS IS THE BEST IT HAS EVER BEEN"
if you eat dairy, you can by all means use heavy cream instead of the coconut milk (this is great too)

This recipe is great for atkins, low carb high fat, keto, paleo, primal, and the 21 day sugar detox.
If you try something different, have any questions or anything PLEASE COMMENT!


I'm sorry that I don't have exact measurements, but I PROMISE, this soup is SOOOOOO EASY!

Just be careful, its VERY easy to over eat this soup... to the point that you want to lay down in the corner face down.. hahahaha

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chicken Liver Pate (posted for my big sister Reine)

I love chicken livers.  They are inexpensive, interesting, good for you...  (don't forget to eat your offal!)
When prepared correctly they taste amazing.  I love playing with them because if you really do them bad I can either pass them off to my animals, or toss them and they didn't cost me to much.   Well my big sister Reine just messaged me asking me for my recipe because her and her husband are in THE MOOD! (for chicken livers) LMAO
My sister has a blog also!  go check her out! she also has a book on amazon!  She writes poetry :)
My Sister Reines Blog!

Here's a fun picture of our family wayyyyyyyyy back in the day.. HELLO 1984!! BTW Reine, nice socks with your open toed shoes!  XOXOXO

OK, So here is my recipe.  I do not usually write things down so I'm pretty much WINGING THIS!

Start off with a frying pan, fry off 4-6 slices of bacon.  Fry until almost totally crispy and take them out of the pan.  Then to the pan add a medium onion chopped up and caramelize in the pan..
I then rinse the chicken livers off and chop them in half (you want to make sure they are cooked totally through)  and toss them in the pan with the onions, and also chop up the bacon and throw that back in too..  (I am queenbacon and I do not post enough recipes about bacon!)
I then add salt and black pepper to taste, also garlic powder, sage, a little rosemary, majorym(yes i spelled that wrong I'm sorry I don't use it often lol) , thyme, and a bit of parsley, and oregano. 

When everything is done and the livers are cooked through bust out the immersion blender (stick blender) and just process everything.  Make it as smooth as you like.  
I love this stuff, it reminds me of liverwurst!  I'm sure you can make it with other livers like beef, veal, or pork.  I will have to try that myself.  besides how can something not taste good with bacon and onions???  REALLY? lol ;)  
Anyway, this is great spread on veggies or just with a spoon.  I personally like it better cold.   Its amazing spread in a lettuce leaf with tomato and a little cheese and mayo.. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!  

Hope you enjoy!  I love you Reine!  

Day one done! Today is day two!

I did 75 regular squats yesterday and 25 like this... let's lift some assess!

Monday, October 7, 2013

100 squats a day for 30 days!

Pretty self explanatory.  You don't have to do all at once, but you have to do 100 a day! Today is day one #friendssquattogether I'm going to take a pic a day to hold myself accountable! 

Amazing video about jimmy moore


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Have my Coffee and Drink it too!!!

ok so for some reason this morning before work it was my goal to make my coffee, with coconut oil and not have a slick on top.  It has ruined my favorite to go coffee cup!  :sad:  SOOOOOOOO  I was visited by the low carb gods last night in my sleep and they gave me an idea!

This is what I did...
in a jar I placed
1 egg yolk
2T coconut oil
2T heavy cream
2 stevia packets
tiny slash of vanilla extract
then blended the life out of it with my immersion blender
it ended up with the thickness of mayo, but it tasted amazing.. better then any cream mate crap (which happens to have coconut oil in it believe it or not but hydrogenated)

I then put it in my coffee cup, with my hot coffee and it was like mixing it with cream!  NO OIL ON TOP! No SLICK! No greasyness!

I mixed this with a couple extra stevias, and a 23 oz coffee, I would use half for just a mug of coffee...  and I wanted to say that this replaces my breakfast so the high in calories is fine with me.  This keeps me full and satisfied for hours.

Please if you try this with coconut milk, or almond milk instead let me know how it turns out!!!!  please leave me a comment!  

Yum yum yum

So I promised myself I'd post this recipe, and I slacked big time! 
This is a mug cake I made the other day. 

The cake is
1 egg
1T almond flour
1T flax ground
1T coconut oil
3 Stevia packets
1tsp vanilla extract
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of ginger
Dash of nutmeg
Mixed well with a fork and nuked for 90 seconds

The topping is
1T chia seeds
3 strawberries
I blended this in my magic bullet for about 30 seconds then chilled in the fridge for an hour

The stuffing in the middle is
2T cream cheese
Stevia to taste
.5 teaspoon vanilla extract
Nook until soft and mix...  

Then sandwich that yummy ness!

This is high in calories. But I have an almost 3yr old that doesn't allow me to over eat any treats.

Gluten free, low carb, and could be paleo or primal if you sub the sweetner or cream cheese...