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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My apologies, but I'm making it up to you!

So allot has been going on this lady month.  Unfortunately my father in law (hubbys step dad)  had been very sick and recently passed.  I give this man credit though, he's been kicking cancer arse for years now (14) and he was also on oxygen for emphazima (sp). This man was an amazing grandfather to my children, and not a day will go by that I won't think about him.  But I do know that now my children have a wonderful guardian angel, and he is no longer in pain.  I hope some day to run in the nyc marathon, just like him! 

I sugar detox through this whole ordeal, my third round.  My 21 days are over but I'm enjoying my self, my creativity, my meals, etc.  I only lost 3lbs (less then I hoped for) but I didn't gain, I feel great, and I'm not disappointed, and for fucks sake I didn't gain! Wahooooo! 
Please stop by my instagram and check out some of my meal ideas and reviews of recipes from the book...  hopefully if I'm lucky I will get the chance to review the cook book in a couple of weeks! 

Now hears where I make it up to you!  My newest invention, and a great thing to do with my mini silicon loaf pans.

21 day sugar detox approved almond joy bars!
This serves 2
In one bowl/blender cup
2TBSP coconut oil
2TBSP coconut butter
Half a green tipped banana
1tsp cocoa powder

Blend till totally smooth
Then barely cover the bottom on your candy holder and freeze till almost solid
I then placed a few almonds in it

Then in another blender bowl blend other half of banana
3TBSP dried unsweetened coconut
2TBSP canned full fat coconut milk
Half a teaspoon of vanilla

Then scoop this mixture into the centers of the bars (you may have a little extra, just eat that shit when no one is looking it tastes great)
Put in the freezer for half hour then top the bars with the remaining chocolate and freeze for about an hour....

This is amazing! You WILL THANK ME LATER! LOL

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My 21 day sugar detox book review!

I  have gained and lost weight over the years, I  have even done some unsuccessful whole30s.   Not until I  read the ebook  and did my first sugar detox  did I  realize how addicted to sugar I  was.  I  was  blind to it actually.  I  don't think you realize how much we depend on sweetness.  Even following a  strict paleo diet I  felt myself making excuses "but  this is natural,  it's ok".  Some Stevia  in my coffee, a  few  pieces of fruit,  some paleo pancakes topped with  grade b  maple syrup,  date  balls rolled in  organic cocoa powder.  Then I  realized 2  packets of  Stevia  turned to 3-5,  then when I  was out with no Stevia a  little  splenda  is  ok,  I'm  sick of water I  want  juice and Crystal lite!  Ugh  it  got  ugly!
As  soon  as I  saw  this book  was  coming in print I  did a  dance, I  was  like Veruka  in the  chocolate factory "dadddddy I  want  it  now!"
I'm  in  love,   this book  is  great.
I  appreciate the  different levels   because now my non paleo friends have something they can do,  and I  can help them along the way.
I'm  in  love with the recipes too,  even my children love them ( who are not doing the detox right now).  I'm  not sure my daughter will never eat another  ketchup  again!   the savory biscuits are outstanding too!   We  used them to make breakfast sandwiches,  and plan on making use of them for hamburger buns.
I'm sleeping better,   I'm starting to get that glow back in my skin,  and  my raging appetite is at bay.   oh and I'm only on day 4  of this  detox! (my  third round).   I'm  also  using this detox as a stepping stool to help break my addiction to my scale.  I  vowed to judge myself by how I  feel and how I look and not what the scale says!
I  will post another review  after I'm done with this detox,  oh and you might want to buy 2  of  these,  because you are not going to want to let anyone borrow this book.
make sure you check out the extra guides to supplements,  smoothies,  yoga,  exercise,  quick  start,  and faqs  that you can download  after you purchase so you can get started before your book arrives.
if you need more motivation to get this book,  check out my instagram,  I'm  posting a  ton of  pictures of the recipes from the book,  and  some of my own that I have made for my own detox.


Ps I was no way compensated for this review, I believe in this so much that I purchased the ebook (before print) and the book! I'm a few weeks I'll be buying the recipe book!!!! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Today I'm starting the 21 day sugar detox!

Today is officially the start of my 21 day sugar detox!  I'm doing level 3 for the third time! Yay!  My starting weight is 147.5 and I'm going to hide my scale for three weeks! (This is going to be harder then not eating sugar!) Good luck everyone!