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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy holiday weight gain!

So every year around xmas (a few days before till New year's) I eat crazy off plan.  Cookies, cakes, ice cream, fries, burgers with buns, Twinkies, etc.  If it's not nailed down I may eat it..  this year was no different, but the outcome was much worse, and I have to put a halt on this insanity.
The other day I weighed myself and I was up 10lbs which is normal for me in water, and then it levels out for the remainder of my monster binge.  Not the case this year.
Of course I have been plegged with the typical things when I eat gluten; headaches, sore throat, mood swings.  This year it's worse, my throat is swollen I can hardly swallow,  my head is constantly pounding, nose is stuffy and I can't breathe, and my mood is in a red alert status, just try not to look at me.  I weighed myself this morning and I'm 165lbs.  So in the week of cheating I gained 20 or so lbs, and my wedding band is permanently stuck on my finger. 
I'm back on low carb till after the new year when I sugar detox again.  Keto here I come! 
Now I'm not blaming gluten, soy, sugar and carbs on all this insanity alone, I'm sure I feel like shit because I'm run down, and the temperatures in New York have gone from 70 to 15 in days also.  Let's not forget the stress of the holidays!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Amazing chocolate chip cookies

So when I was a little girl, I had this love for chocolate chip cookies. I didn't even need to dunk them, they were amazing just as they were.  When I was really little and we would goto my dad's sisters house (aunt Lucy and uncle Tom) my uncle would always have a box of entemans chocolate chip cookies we would sit and way them while he smoked his pipe. 
My mom would make home made cookies too, they were good! Huge chocolate chips with toll house morsels.  Perfect for dipping.  My mom had a recipe she saved off and old box of something and still uses it today.  I go off plan every xmas, and that's when I get to enjoy them...

You have to check out the cookies from against all grains.  I did make some subs along the way. 
In the recipe on the red plate I used butter and Stevia instead of coconut sugar and just the enjoy chips.  They were amazing, better then I ever imagined, and looked like they belong in a box.  People who don't eat paleo were screaming at me that I should sell them.

The cookies on the black plate were just as amazing.  I subbed the coconut sugar for monk fruit in the raw, and added some hazel nuts to replace some chocolate chips.  This was amazing too.  Very worth making.  I rolled these in ping pong sized balls after freezing the dough and pressed them down flat with my hands on parchment paper (bake on parchment paper too!)
The Stevia kept the cookies more while and store bought looking, and the monk fruit defiantly caramelized. If you have coconut sugar feel free to use that, I just couldn't find it locally. 
Please check out against all grains blog and recipe at the link below, you will not be disappointed!!!!!  You don't even have to mention to people that they are grain and sugar free! They will be amazed by them, they taste like amazing store/bakery bought cookies.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

No poo November!

Yes I didn't poo at all this November! I did poop, but no shampoo!  Since I was reading and completing the 21 day sugar detox last month I figured I would read the book "skintervention guide" by Liz Wolfe
I got this guide quite a few months ago in an ebook bundle, and I was very interested!
Now here's the low down, I love my hair,I hate my scalp!  My scalp is constantly flaking and is overly sensitive!  Regular shampoo and conditioner makes it itchy and break out, dandruff shampoo kills my hair but helps improve the scalp boooooo!
So while doing my detox I said heck let's try this no poo stuff out!  Well I followed the protocol, and so far I'm pleased.  I'm in no way totally healed, but it's a work in progress and I'm getting there.  The guide was amazing, I haven't used soap on my face in over a month either!  Yay I'm finally getting my glow back! 
So why this change in heart?  Well I take care of my insides so why not take care of the outside?  This was defiantly a win win for me.  I'm saving money and improving my external health.  I recommend this book for any of my fellow people who have sensitive skin, or are just looking to clean up their act (harhar)
Any questions please feel free to ask away!  And please make sure to stop by Liz Wolfes blog and ebook at www.cavegirleats.com