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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Oil cleaning my hair? Whaaaat?

Ok let's reverse to about 3 weeks ago.   I got the itch to chop off all my hair.   I have been letting it grow out from a pixie cup for a few years (thank the Lord my hair grows super fast)
I was getting annoyed with it,  my ends were like straw, dry brittle,  itchy scalp. I was very upset,  i tried no poo with vinegar,  coconut oil,  washing only once a week,  cholesterol conditioner.   Nothing was working! 
I use the oil method on my face a few times a week (my recipe is equil parts coconut oil,  castor oil,  and olive oil with some lavender oil)
My last resort was let's drench my hair and scalp with this stuff then shampoo and condition my hair,  If it doesn't work in going to chop it off!
Well i put it on,  left it in about half hour,  then wash and condition.  
Well my hair is amazing now,  no itch or dry scalp,  my hair is soft,  no more dry brittle! I can't stop touching it,  it's honestly like a magic trick!
Now i want to note that i have some special circumstances that may make my hair suck lol. ..  I do have hashimotos,  My apartment has super dry heat, i dye my hair,  and i have not cut my hair (even a trim) in a few years.
Any questions?  Shout at me!