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Saturday, November 29, 2014


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Friday, November 28, 2014

Another fat fast!

So after thanksgiving stuffing myself with  PIE! I decided it's time for some deep ketosis fun. ..  I'm  on the long Island Railroad, and posting this for accountability.  I weighed 167.5 lbs this morning, and the holidays always screw me up.  so i decided December i need to really kick some butt. 
I stocked my back pack with cream cheese and butter and I'm ready to shed some weight and shrink my stomach again.
I'm going to fat fast 3 days,  then modify it to lose some extra weight before the holidays.
My December goal is to lose 10lbs, take 10k steps a day,  and exercise every day for 30 days to make it a habit. 
Anyone care to join me?  
Love you all!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 21 of my sugar detox!

And today is my sons 4th birthday!
I feel amazing, and this is my last hump (pizza, and chips at the party lol)

And here is a recipe!

Hot pumpkin coconut noatmeal
1 can full fat coconut milk
1/4th cup chia seeds
Teaspoon vanilla
Teaspoon cinnamon
Dash of ginger, nutmeg, and cloves
One green tipped banana
Half a can of canned pumpkin
1/4th cup of shredded unsweetened coconut
2 eggs

Over low heat put the coconut milk and
Chia seeds in the pan and stir.
This thickens fast! Mash in the banana, then Take the mixture of the heat and wisk in the eggs and continue to wisk over heat, then add all the seasonings and pumpkin.  Cook till you can stand up your spoon in the mixture, take off the heat, mix in the shredded coconut and serve
This makes 2 huge servings  or 3 regular servings.
Are you not detoxing? Feel free to drizzle with honey or maple syrup, add raisins. 
Low carb? Omit the banana, add protein powder.

Filling, and tasty! Happy fall!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's day 16 and I feel alive!

My alarm went off this morning and something happened that has not happened in a long time!
I woke up awake, full of life with energy!  I feel refreshed, alert, clear mind, and I actually did an exercise DVD before work!
I feel great! 
I'm actually having different cravings too.  This morning I was craving black coffee with coconut oil, and just regular eggs scrambled with butter (lately I have been loading up with veggies in my eggs). I'm also very excited that I ate a green apple last night as a snack and this morning I tested a nice medium positive for ketones on my pee strips lol.

I have a group of people competing in a fun challenge on fitbit if anyone is interested, feel free to add me queenbaconnyc@gmail.com or my husband patfrombklyn@gmail.com for some friendly competition!

Talk to ya later!

Monday, October 20, 2014

This is the home stretch!

Less then a week left for my sugar detox.  I feel amazing and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it to be over.  In enjoying challenges, feeling good, skin clearing up, extra energy, etc. 
Yesterday was making strides walk for breast cancer at prospect park.  My daughter and I did the walk with my co workers.  It was an amazing day.  35k + people, cool weather but if became sunny, and prospect park is absolutely beautiful this time of year with all the changing leaves. 
I'm empowered! 
Happy Monday

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So today is day 10 of my sugar detox!

So I feel allot better!  Headaches are hardly now.  I'm still doing my ten thousand steps a day, and 100 squats a day.  I started adding coffee back here and there.
So let's talk appetite.  I'm happy to say that my appetite is normal, im not starving, I don't need snacks, but it's also nice that come dinner time my tummy is like hey where's din din lol.
Woo hoo to the fact that I'm down 7lbs by day 10 (and that's with getting my period)
I'm almost half way there! Yay! Off to work I go.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 7 done , bacon broccoli rabe!

So 7 days done!  Still hitting my 10k steps a day and my 100 squats a day.
Let me cut to the chase...

You are going to say WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT when you see how easy and tasty this dish is.

2 bunches of well cleaned broccoli rabe with inch cut off the bottoms
6 slices of bacon chopped in 1" pieces
6 cloves of garlic chopped small
Salt to taste

I cut my bacon into inch pieces and fried till mostly crispy. 
I then add one bunch of broccoli rabe and let it cook enough to Wilt and for in the other bunch, I then put the garlic all over the top and put a dash of salt.  I cooked for about 10 minutes once everything was in the frying pan flipping the rabe with tongs every once in a while.
After you taste this your are going to be floored!

Have an amazing night!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 6 done, and fried green tomatoes!

First I'd love to give a huge THANK you to Jimmy Moore for putting my blog in his email today about new blogs to check out. Please check out his webpage if you live in a closet and never saw it before.
Livin la vida low carb

Ok day six is done, I'm very excited, I feel great, and day 7 is a breeze. 
In celebration of being almost done with my first week, and getting a shout out from a low carb great I came up with a new recipe for fried green tomatoes!
I was waking in the neighborhood and I saw a stand with tons of them and never had them before so here it goes!

6 medium sized green tomatoes sliced into quarter inch slices
2 medium sized eggs
Enough lard to cover the bottom of a frying pan.
1/2 cup almond flour
1/4th cup coconut flour
Qt teaspoon chipotle pepper powder
Qt teaspoon smoked paprika
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
Salt and pepper to taste

Wash and cut your tomatoes.  In a dish wisk the 2 eggs in another dish mix all of the dry ingredients.
Put the lard in your frying pan (I used pork lard yum!) And put the temp on low to melt it and bring it up to temp to fry the tomatoes. It's up to temp when you put in a drop of water it sizzles.  Also I suggest using cast iron if you have it because it holds a constant temp.
Next dip each tomato slice in the eggs, then in the dry.
Fry the tomatoes each side for about 4 minutes on each side and drain on a paper towel
The seasoning blend for these with the slight spicy and the tart finish at the end is hands down orgasmic.. 

Let me know what you think!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

The morning of day 6! 5 days under my belt!

So I'm finally getting less headaches, I'm pooping regularly, and my energy is leveling out.  Just for  those who might be wondering I'm not giving up coffee, I still am going to drink it here and there.  I'm just trying to break my dependence to it.  I want to be able to sip and enjoy it, not chug it waiting for its buzz to start my day right.
Last night I stayed up a little late to make sure I got my steps in, so lots of jogging on my rebounder! I also did my 100 squats in during the day. 
Last night I finished during my 21 day sugar detox ketchup into yummy Smokey bbq sauce!  It was amazing on a burger. 

I forgot to post my starting weight for the detox (169.3lbs) and now that I have 5 days in I'm down to  164.3 which I'm totally tickled pink.  I'm in the beginning of the time of the month from HELL!  I actually think the squatting has been helping with cramps! 
Today shall be an eventful day, my daughter will be marching with her church/girl scout group in the Columbus day parade.   10k steps here I come! 

I'm about to flip through my detox books for something to make for breakfast, have a great day everyone and thanks for reading! 

5lbs down woot woot

Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 5 am, woohoo day 4 is done!

Even less headaches today. Yayyyy!  I have to admit, I didn't make my 10k steps today, but I did do my 100 squats.
I plan on doing at least 25000 steps this weekend to make up for any short comings. 
Another hurdle is aunt flo just decided to visit, which would explain cramps and headaches also.  No cravings though, and I still have not bit anyone's head of with the lack of coffee!

Next weekend I am doing a walk for breast cancer. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much in advance.  Please click here to donate


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Morning of day 4/day 3 completed

So I'm the days done for my sugar detox.  I'm feeling a little better, not constipated anymore (tmi) lol yay! I'm still getting headaches, but not as bad or as often.
My appetite is almost non existent also!
Breakfast yesterday was a chicken sausage, spinach sauteed in garlic and coconut oil and garlic and 2 eggs over easy.
Lunch was baby shrimp with steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower with lemon and Kerry gold butter.
Dinner was slow cooker chicken adobo from the 21 day sugar detox cookbook. One small improvise was I used a cat iron skillet and chicken breast.  It was amazing!
I made my 10k steps , and 100 squats.
I'm excited, I think I need to step up the exercise though!  Any suggestions?

Day four here I come!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 2 of my sugar detox done!

Ok so detoxing from coffee and artificial sweeteners is worse then I suspected.  I could hardly eat breakfast yesterday, and had to pop aspirin multiple times through the day. 
Another letdown is I didn't make my 10k steps for the day. I had it planned in my head that I was going to jog on my rebounder, but headache and feeling of being constipated (sorry tmi) was telling me otherwise.
Fortunately for me I got my squats in for the day!
Breakfast was soft boiled eggs on top of cabbage and spinach fried in a little grass fed pork lard.
Lunch was beef burger with cauliflower, broccoli, and yellow and orange carrots with a mustard vinegar dressing I made.
Dinner was another spinach salad topped with Turkey burger.

Let me share my dressing recipe it's super easy, super delish, and so much you can do with it, not just for salad I had it on streamed veggies and it was great.

1 tbsp spicy or course ground mustard
1 tbsp olive oil, avocado oil, or mct oil
1 tbsp of vinegar (I have used Apple cider or balsamic, both work)
Fresh cracked pepper
Wisk it up and put it on! 

What I missed about the sugar detox is the simplicity of it all.  It really is easier just eating clean natural food.  You should try it some time!

Any questions or hints? Please feel free to comment!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day one of my 6th 21 day sugar detox

So yes, this is my sixth sugar detox (the 21 day sugar detox) and even one day in, I'm already convinced that this time I will see the most improvements.
I weigh in yesterday morning at 169.3 lbs.
I'm coming off of eating low carb high fat, or Keto and now looking to go back to my paleo ways but keep it low carb so maybe I can be successful at improving my health and shedding some weight and gaining some much needed muscle.
Now for day one most of my day was plagued with horrid headaches.  I thought at first that it might have been because I skipped my morning coffee, but after gulping down some rocket fuel (stumptown cold brew) and still couldn't shake the feeling realized it's probably stress and cutting artificial sweetners.
Breakfast was eggs with spinach cabbage, onions and peppers.
Lunch was chicken with Chinese veggies (Fed the baby corn to my daughter lol)
And dinner was salad with a turkey burger on top. Now for a snack is the fun part.  Hubby and I shared a granny smith Apple.  I bit into it and I mine add well sucked on a lemon!  Then I remembered all my past detox, and I'm so excited that over the next 3 weeks that Apple will transform from a face squishing sour puckering fruit to a juicy god sent sweet garden of Eden heaven evoking sweet treat.

I can't wait!


Ps did my 6th day of 100 squats a day, and 10k steps a day

Monday, September 29, 2014

Starting my next 21 day sugar detox

So I plan on starting my next 21 day sugar detox in Monday October 6th.  Can't wait!  I also plan on doing my 10k steps a day thorough out my detox.  Anyone else doing it?  Im thinking about blogging about every day to stay accountable. 

Goo heavy or go home!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Making strides Brooklyn, walk for breast cancer


I hope this note finds you well. I signed up for an event that's really important to me - the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk - and I want to ask you to please support me with a donation.

Thanks in part to the American Cancer Society, and people like you who made a donation and supported the cause, breast cancer death rates have dropped over the last 20 years. In fact, women are 34 percent less likely to die from breast cancer today than they were in 1989. But there's still so much work to do: Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, other than skin cancer. In fact, one out of eight women will face a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

By supporting me with a donation, more people in more communities will...

- Have the information and tools they need to reduce their risk of breast cancer or find the disease early, when it's easiest to treat.
- Have a place to turn for help 24/7 if they are facing breast cancer.
- Benefit from the progress being made toward finding breast cancer's causes and cures.
- Get access to lifesaving mammograms and treatment.

Please support me with a donation -

Help us finish the fight against breast cancer.

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fat fast apple pie smoothie

It's been a while, so I'm back with a fat fast recipe, that is really delicious and filling. This would be perfect for the fat fast, nutritional ketosis, Keto, lchf etc.
245 calories
22 grams of fat
2 grams carbs
1 gram fiber
5 grams of protein
(87% fat)

1 packet sugar free Apple drink (I found  sugar free motts drink packets at my local rite aid)
2oz cream cheese
1 cup (8oz) of blue diamond unsweetened coconut almond milk in vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Qt teaspoon ginger
Pinch of nutmeg
Pinch of cloves
1/2 cup cold water
And some ice ice baby!

Put everything in your blender or bullet and blend till the ice is crushed, and everything is smooth.  This is amazing, and if you can't find the Apple, other flavors would do.  My kids had it in cherry and liked it.

Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What motivates you to get off your ass?

So if you follow me on Instagram then you know I have been trying to get off my butt more. 
Flash back about 6 months ago... My job (with the same company) had me on my feet allot more.  Easily I was waking 10k steps a day and I took it for granted.  Now it's near impossible for me to get in those steps with out walking at least to work, or home from work, and now that is what I'm doing since the weather is nice.
My body fat sits at about 38% and won't budge.  I know what I have to do (I need to lift weights), I have the right tools (weights, bands, structured programs), but I just don't do it.  I'm so warped, to lose weight if you told me to eat one cabbage leaf a day and only drink spicy lemon water i'd do it with a smile on and blog about it lol... 
But I know I need to build muscle to burn fat and I just don't do it.  Why do you think that is?
I'm STUMPED! (And maybe stupid too lol)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Macaroon butter!!!!

I see everyone on social media posting about "cookie butter" .
Now before I go bashing it,  let me tell you I have never tasted it,  and I have never even picked up a jar to look at the ingredients.   I have safely assumed from afar that it has gluten,  some sort of icky seed oil, and some icky sweetner.  I could be wrong,  but I don't want to set myself up to eat something that will make me sick.

So here I am posting a super easy recipe for something I know my low carb friends will love,  and my Paleo people will adore!

First is a couple of hints:
-Making nut butters is not as easy as it looks on YouTube  and it is not any easier in a vitamix (but I don't have the grain grinder)
-Making coconut butter is super easy,  you should almost never pay for it!
-I always buy my nuts from the bulk bins to save money (unsweetened coconut,  almonds,  walnuts,  cashiews etc)

Macaroon Butter
3 cups unsweetened shredded coconut
3 cups raw almonds
1Tbsp vanilla extract
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger (ground dried spice kind)
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
Sweetner of your choice if needed (I used 2 droppers full of liquid stevia)
Coconut oil if need
And whatever appliance you use to make nut butters: vitamix,  ninja,  food Processor,  etc...

Put your coconut in the blender and turn on medium.  Do this step first because coconut turns to butter very easily and you will need little to no coconut oil at the end.   Blend till it is liquid coconut butter goodness, (about 1.5 mins in my vitamix)
Add everything else and blend, you may or may not need to use your tamper,  add coconut oil if it looks to thick and just won't budge.
When it gets to your desired consistency enjoy! !!!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

UPDATES!!!!! my 5th 21 day sugar detox 14 days in!

Ok so over the last 6 months  I had gained about 30lbs.  Still eating low carb, watching what I was eating.  I couldn't even lose on the fat fast.
About a month or so ago I went to urgent care because of some horrible tummy issues.  Everything came back "OK"  but they suggested that I go to my primary care Dr, to get a referral for a gastro.   Any who, I asked for my lab results to be emailed to me and glad-fully they sent them.  My inflammation was very high, and my TSH was 4.3.  Looking for a primary care Dr, the soonest appt I could get was June 9th.  So I promised myself after my daughters Communion, I would start another 21 day sugar detox.  I started it in hopes of not gaining any more weight before my doctors appointment.  My goal mentally was not to gain any more weight (I was gaining a couple of lbs a week not hardly eating)  My goal on paper was to lose 10lbs, in my mind I knew this was a high goal, but it was motivation to give it my all with no excuses and no slip ups.
So today I'm 14 days in, I weigh myself (and keep in mind my aunt flo just visited yesterday)  and I'm at 160.5  TAKE THAT!  I feel amazing, even with sick kids in the house.   Out of all my sugar detoxes I can honestly say this one has been the most moving, the most changes, and the most uplifting.  Even my detox symptoms have been different this time.  I broke out in horrible painful acne, I had some aching joints and muscles in the beginning.  My face is clearing, my energy is through the roof, my moods are more stable, and my stress is much more easy to handle, I have no cravings, and my clothes are fitting much more loosely.
I can't help but feel like maybe I can't have the low carb garbage anymore.  I'm going to have to start to be more careful about gluten, soy, and dairy.
What to do when I'm done?  I'm not sure, I'm still trying to figure that out.  I may not stop.  I feel amazing, I am not as scared about what is going on with my body.  I am still going to go get checked out, to see whats going on because this was very very scary.  What ever happens I can handle it, with healthy good food, family, friends, and some movement thrown in there, and a little help from modern medicine I shall concur the WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

And happy Birthday to my biggest inspiration in the world!  Emma!  I love my boo, and shes the reason why I want to be healthy, be a positive role model, and live forever ;)  Happy 8th Birthday Beautiful!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's been to long, I'm sorry!

Insanity : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Ok,  it's official!  I am insane!   I cycle Paleo and low carb and expect to lose.   I cry about it and expect to lose.  It never dawned on me what I'm doing wrong.   I'm not exercising!  I need to get off my fat ass and exercise!
Today I woke up and did turbo jam! Day one down..  Now I just need to stick to it.   I am going to try to focus less on weight loss,  and more on fast loss.   Right now my scale says I am 161lbs and 38%fat.   My goal is to be under 34% fat by the end of May.  

Now on to something else.  The next few days I'm sharing my ugly secrets,  my funny secrets,  and the crazy things you might not know about me on twitter:  @queen_bacon  join me in doing this,  and  make sure to hashtag #bloggersecret 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I made it a week and a half..

So I could not go a month with out weighing myself.  After making it  a week this past weekend I got to thinking.  What happens if I don't weigh myself for a month, and I get on the scale and I'm like 175lbs?  Anxiety set in, I started to panic.  I knew if this happened it would be horrid on my mental well being.  I imagined the extreme anxiety and depression that set it, and tears formed in my eyes.  I tried to force the feelings out but it was near impossible.  So Monday morning I brought it up to my hubby, and asked him what he thought, and what he thinks I should do.  Later on that afternoon he said we can weigh ourselves tomorrow (this morning), and maybe instead of trying to go a month with out weighing shooting for once a week is better.  I was expecting another gain from last time, but secretly hoping not.   Well I got on the scale and I'm up to almost 165lbs.  I'm so upset, all of my fat clothes are now tight, and I don't even want to wear makeup anymore.  I don't even feel like caring how I look, its just totally depressing and mentally stressful to me.  What have I done?  Well I'm trying to focus on what I'm eating now.  No more SHIT!  I want to focus on eating clean, maybe not so paleo/primal, but clean low carb.  I'm allowing myself some peanut butter, some legumes, and some dairy.  I need to fix this!  I am trying to get in my 10000 steps a day, and I also bought a rebounder to bounce on occasionally.
I bought a new book to read;   The Protein Boost Diet by Ridha Arem.   It is supposed to improve your hormone efficiency for a fast metabolism and weight loss.  I am half way through and all the book has talked about is stress, hormones, and menopause.  I think I will adopt some of the ideas in this book, but some of the ideas just make me want to throw it against the wall and scream.  I am going to eat egg yolks, I am not cutting down on red meat (mine is grass fed so stop with the saturated fat is bad bullshit), and this whole mantra on eating low fat dairy is bullshit.. You tell me not to eat sugar, but eat low fat dairy?  fucking oxymoron because when you remove fat from dairy its replaced with sugar..  ANYWHO..  I'm learning, I'm not done with the book yet, and I will continue to read and update on my findings!

I want to say thank you to some of my readers and friends.  You have been super sweet by showing me how much you care and worrying about my well being.  Thank you so much for that, it makes me feel great.

I also want to post about how I like to post about my feelings, I want you guys to know if and when  I have hit rock bottom, I cry, I get psycho, I feel sorry for myself and I get pissed!  I'm human, and I post about it because I know people can relate, and its amazing when you are feeling like shit, and you can read about someone else and know you are not alone.  I do this because I have been in a very dark place in my far past, and I want others to know they are not alone.  Well I'm off now, to go read more about hormones, how to regulate them, and hopefully since I'm more then half way done, it will start to discuss eating!  YAY

Sweet dreams everyone! XOXOXO
Love Ya!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Day 3 no scale!

OK! so I am freaking out with out weighing myself every day, and its only day 3.  I feel bloated, fat, ugly.... The list goes on!
Today is St Patrick's day, yesterday I went to my mother in laws house, ate corned beef and cabbage, tasted some of my sister in laws AMAZING Irish soda bread (BAD KERRY)   and of course I know I am paying for it today being that I woke up looking 7 months pregnant.  All I can do is try to laugh about it, I knew that would happen but at least I can't weigh myself and beat the poop up over myself over it.

Happy birthday to my husband, and happy birthday to my mommy!  Odd enough they are both named Pat (yes I married someone with the same nickname as my mom ACKWARDDDD).
I'm  sitting here debating on what I should eat for dinner , hubby went out for his birthday and its so strange to be home alone with the kids knowing hes out partying on his birthday.  I'm not upset, its just odd.  I guess I was secretly hoping he wanted to spend the night with me, but its fine, he will be home sooner or later.  LOL I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES!

Saturday afternoon I picked up 1/8th of a grass fed steer, and 1/4th of a grass fed pig from my Meetup.com meat group.  My freezer is jammed with yummies,  so I think maybe I should treat myself to something delish, fried in butter and a stiff drink on the side!

WHERE TO START?  Well soon I need to adopt an exercise plan I can stick to also, so please feel free to chime in at any time to point me in the right direction!  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's been awhile, I'm broken...

So I'm writing this post to let it all out.  I sit here with anxiety,  fear,  depressed,  lost and confused.
The only way I am able to lose weight is fat fasting.   For those of you who do not know what that is: eating 1000 calories a day with 90% coming from fat.   This results in me eating cream cheese and heavy cream.
I decided this is not normal,  and this is no way to live. 
I have been reading online and I think it's safe to say my metabolism is broken.  I'm always cold,  my heart rate is low,  I gain eating very low calorie and carb,  my periods are irregular,  I'm depressed,  I'm easily winded,  I'm always tired, my joints ache,  and I'm always sick.   Now if that's not enough I can openly admit that I have abused diet pills,  fad diets and fasting (A LOT) in the past,  always looking for that magic pill.

I sit here worrying,  hardly able to swallow my lunch thinking how bad I have treated my body even eating Paleo.  I'm so sad, I'm literally sick to my stomach.   I'm in need of healing,  and I'm not really in the mood.   I don't know what to do,  where to go.

I do know I should probably go back on a Paleo diet,  focus on healthy carbs and throw out my scale. I know I will have to gain more weight even though I'm about 160lbs, in order to heal myself.   I'm sweating thinking about not weighing myself every day,  I could vomit right here at work,  right on my desk on my tablet as I write this. But I will tape measure.

If anyone has any suggestions,  doctors,  books,  Web sites,  please let me know,  I'm grasping for straws!


P.s. I'm not going off plan for the holidays any more,  that 20lb wit gain is not worth it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

French toast sticks!

First let me tell you this recipe is low carb, Keto, paleo, primal, and gluten free.  It's also sugar free if you don't consider Stevia "sugar".

Preheat the oven to 375°F
Have a parchment lined 9 by 14 pan ready

For the bread part you need
6 eggs
1/4th cup coconut flour
1/4th cup flax meal
1/4th cup almond flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3Tbsp coconut oil
Your sweetner of choice to taste
(I used 50 drops of Stevia)
Mixed this all well with a fork till the lumps are worked out.

I then thinly spread this over the bottom of my parchment lined dish. Popped it in the oven for 20 minutes.

When it was out I let it cool a little then sliced it in the middle then cut little sticks out of it.  I got 20 French toast sticks.

In a shallow rectangle Tupperware I mixed
2 eggs
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (I only had vanilla on hand)
And 2 more teaspoons of cinnamon

Wisk well, then coat the sticks in the mixture.
I did a few at a time.  I then fried them in a frying pan with Kerry gold butter till all the sides are nice and golden brown.

These are very filling!  You can top them as your diet permits.  I used sugar free maple syrup.  You could use regular syrup, honey, whipped cream, jam etc.. 

Hope you like them!  Please let me know if you come up with any good tweaks!

Below are some pictures of my steps!

Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm depressed!

So after my detox I went back to eating low carb.  Watching what I eat etc.  I have gained back to 161lbs.  This is so upsetting to me considering I was around 143 before the holidays and I'd like to be in the low 130s.
I am upset!  What do you do when the best isn't good enough?  Well I'm tweaking now! 
My position has changed at my job, and the location has changed also.  I went from easily walking 10000 steps a day to walking under 5000 steps today.  I'm working longer hours it's becoming harder and harder to get exercise in and I just can't lose any weight.  everyday I weigh myself I weigh more and more.
then I think about the professionals, they want professional bodies they act professionally.  they weigh their food, they measure everything, they work out everyday, they keep detailed logs and everything!  if I want to look like a fitness model I need to have those habits! 
Starting Monday I'm going back to a strict low carb high fat diet, measuring everything and logging on my fitness pal.  I'm also going to start whipping my ass into shape!  Exercising, walking more, heavy lifting..  I am also doing 100 squats a day for 30 days, today is day 2.

My fitness goal for February is to be under 150lbs.  I'm going to post on here to stay accountable.   Helllllpppppppp :(  I need all the support I can get!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blogger Brunch, Done with my detox! ETC

So what is up?  Welllllllllllllllllllll this past weekend I was invited to a blogger brunch at my new awesome friends house Margo.  What an amazing host!  It was potluck style and a bunch of us brought different goodies.  We then tried out her Da vinci Body board, and she also gave out amazing little gift bags!  What an amazing hostess!

Now what did I get out of this?  Well not only did I get to meet a bunch of awesome women (I love meeting new people), but they got my mind juices flowing to the max, and I hope this means I made some new friends for the long haul!  Oh yes and I got an amazing GIFT BAG!
One of the things we were talking about was labels.  Not like food labels, but labels on the way you eat.  For example; paleo, primal, low carb, keto, atkins, weight watchers, etc.  There is always some strict police person out there watching what you eat like "HEY THE RICE ON THAT SUSHI ROLL ISNT PALEO", "OMG YOU ARE EATING A SWEET POTATO?  THATS NOT LOW CARB!"
Then I thought to myself over the last few days omg I'm the queen of not only bacon, but labeling how I am eating!  It hit me even harder when my husband said to me when the 21 day sugar detox was over "Hey Kerry are we eating paleo now, or are we going low carb?"  I was like ughhhhhhhhhhhh  I am a diet label whore!  I need to move away from this, from now on I eat food that helps me achieve the best me!  If its lower carb, paleo, atkins, primal, what ever it may be....

So I finished my 21 day sugar detox. I set my standards high and I came out sort of disappointed this go around.  I lost a couple of pounds, but I think me going off plan for the holidays really screwed up my personal eco system.  I have been pretty sick since xmas with a constant cold that moves from my chest to my nose and throat almost every couple of days (which I am now almost totally over).  My bathroom habits are not so good anymore (I wanna poop at least once a day).  But I think this was a move in the right direction.  My skin started to clear again, headaches subsided, cravings are cut down.  The biggest thing I took out of this detox?  I lose weight better with full fat dairy in my life!  Isn't that amazing news?  WOOHOO! Kerry Gold Cheese HERE I COME!  

Summer is coming soon, and I need to get back into exercise!  I haven't done jack squat in a couple of months between being sick, working my ass off, holidays etc.  No more excuses, I just need to get off my ass and work my ass off! hahaha.
I got a fun new toy!  it is a lifetrak fitness monitor.  its a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, pedometer, and you can track calories burned etc.  It works with bluetooth to sync with your Iphone (but I have a samsung galaxy).  Soon it should also sync with android (keeping my fingers crossed).

Now to introduce you to my new Friends!  please check out their blogs!  They kick butt!

First off is Margo, she is an amazing host and such a smart, fit, and independent woman.  Such a great inspiration!  Before I buy any fitness magazine I always look for her review on her site!  (she saves me lots of money with out even knowing it)  click the cool picture below to go to her site.

Next is my friends Amber,  she is awesome too!  She is such an inspiration the way she made over her body and she is super fit!  (her and her man are a hot item!)  I  get tons of ideas for recipes from her because she has some food allergies/intolerance.  To my keto/lchf family shes recently moved over to our dark side of noshing on yummy fat filled keto food and enjoying it.  She was also mentioned in the 21 day sugar detox book for her amazing journey!  EXSOYCISE!!!<~~click there

Next is a new friend Nellie.  Nellie is an amazing woman also!  (see a trend? deez are some great gals!)
She is a professional woman who finds time to be a mommy to 2 handsome little guys!  She teaches zumba classes, and can speak in front of large crowds!  (and since she has 2 little ones we need to take the kids out one day!)  click her pic below to check out her blog!

Nexxxxt is Cassandre!  She is another awesome full time working mommy!  (play date!  all of us!)  She has an amazing story to tell!  She is a holistic health coach, marketing executive, and I can just tell shes full of knowledge.  Right off the bat I could tell I'd go to this woman for advice! (and I am sure I will in due time! hahaha)  click the picture below to check out her site!

ok anyone with the blog called "lifes better in yoga pants"  should have their site looked at!  Lynette is so adorable!  Such a sweet lady!  She made these amazing little eggy cups that were delish!  She is an active runner (i'm always amazed by people who love to run)  Lynette is also a professional working woman, who finds time in her busy schedule to run, take classes, date and eat healthy!  Check out her blog, if not for me check it out because LIFE IS BETTER IN YOGA PANTS!  (god I love that name lol)
Life's Better in Yoga Pants

Lasssssssssssst but not least is Kelly (can't forget her name its like mineeeee only with l's instead of r's) sorry Its getting late for me hahaha..  Kelly is amazing, she has lost a ton of weight doing weight watchers.  Shes one sexy lady!  She has been in magazines, newspapers, and even on TV!  She was so sweet, and I'm honored to be in the company of someone who has accomplished some amazing things!!!!!!!!!  fill me in on your secrets!  Check out her Blog!!!!

nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  that you have met my new friends, you should be busy for a hot minute looking at the amazing blogs/sites.
Which makes me think, maybe I should get a dot com? Hmmmmmmmm  maybe I will?  When Da IRS Gives me mah Tax dollaz!  (sorry lol i get silly when I'm tired)

Butttttttttttt If you get hungry while you are looking at these amazing women, or you are hungry and watching the Olympics, maybe you pmsing, or need something easy and low carb.
HERE IS MY EASY 3 Ingredient Reuben Casserole.

Take some cooked corned beef and shred it and line the bottom of an oven safe casserole dish, about an inch or so deep.  you can used a cooked corned beef or if you are lazy like me and short on time you can use deli corned beef cut into shreds.
top it with a nice amount of squeezed out sauerkraut.  make sure to squeeze out the liquid good or else you will end up with slop in your pan!  
then top it with swiss cheese and bake in the oven at 350 till the cheese is melty!

This recipe is so easy and great for company.  You can serve it on a plate, with bread or crackers for your non weight conscious folk, or with celery, sliced cucumber rounds or low carb wraps!   this is great also with mustard, or thousand island dressing.

NOW HAVE A WONDERFUL NIGHT EVERYONE!  Thanks so much for reading!!!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Garlic avocado mayonnaise!

This stuff kicks ass.  Very easy to make!

1 whole egg
1Tbsp Apple cider vinegar
1Tbsp spicy brown mustard
1 clove of garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup avocado oil (hint: I got a huge glass jar at Costco for like 11$)

In your blender drop in everything but the oil and start it on a medium speed (like 6 on my vitamix)  slowly drizzle your cup of oil into the blender.   When it's all in (please be patient and do this very slowly) I turned the blender up all the way for about 3 seconds then shut it off.

This stuff is amazing on burgers, chicken, salad , veggies. .  It really is out of this world!

Let me know what you think!

Monday, January 13, 2014

7 days down! And creamed kale recipe!

So I am officially 7 days into my 4th sugar detox.  I feel amazing and I'm 6lbs down so far! (My fingers are crossed that I make it back to the pre holiday weight)
I had some headaches, but am in all I feel good.  I finally jumped the gun and purchased gelatin to start taking, keeps me full for a lot longer (crazy!)  
Im over all happy, and thinking about what I would like to do next, just keep detoxing maybe? 
I came up with a new recipe!!!
Creamed Kale (21 day sugar detox approved)
2tbsp of Kerry gold butter or ghee
1lb of kale chopped  (I keep the stems but you don't have to)
1 cup coconut milk
Half teaspoon nutmeg
Salt and pepper to taste

Melt the butter in a pot and add the chopped kale, keep the flame on pretty low cover the pot and sweat the kale for about 8 minutes flipping the bottom to the top occasionally. 
When it  reduces to about half the size add the nutmeg, and salt & pepper then pour over the coconut milk.  Cook for about 3 minutes longer stirring occasionally.

This is so freekin amazing!!! Can't wait to try with spinach !

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The 21 day sugar detox cookbook review

So after reading the cookbook, and making a couple of recipes I'm ready to yell at you to get this book. 
I loved the book before making any recipes.  There are meal plans, modifications, wonderful pictures, and a great photo recipe index. The book gives you the prep time, and cook time.  There's also a side bar that notes if the recipe has shellfish, nuts, niteshades, fodmaps, or eggs.  At the bottom of the page lists the modifications, and notes in where to get a special ingredient. Another amazing thing is it uses allot of basic ingredients, you won't have to keep going to the specialty market for strange ingredients!
Not only is this book a must have for anyone doing the sugar detox, but it would be amazing for people with food allergies, diabetes, eat low carb/Keto, gluten free, and paleo or primal.  It could also be used for people doing the whole30 plan.
Last night I made the chicken pot pie.  It was honestly the best thing I ever ate that I made.  I was super impressed, no one would have guessed this wasn't made by a master chef or healthy for that matter...  this recipe alone makes the book with its weight in gold!!!!
I also made the n'oatmeal which was outstanding!  It was better then oatmeal and kept me full for hours!  if you get this book and make this recipe take note that if you blend for longer with the chia seeds this recipe turns into an amazing pudding!!!

Please check out balancedbites and the 21 day sugar detox and get this book now before you regret it later!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Green tipped bananas and bananas are not the same. Bronies?

Happy 21 day sugar detox eve!  Yes I'm lame!
So here I am getting ready to make my first 21 day sugar detox breakfast "no'oatmeal" from the 21 day sugar detox cook book! I have everything set up and ready to go.
Now I'm ready to peel my banana and of course this banana is so under ripe I could hurt someone with it (no it's not a plantain, I'm part Puerto Rican, I know a plantain when I see it lol) and the top breaks off! Damn this banana, peel some more, no luck.  Ewww now my fingers are sticky and my banana is becoming a mangled mess, so I decide to bite the banana! No this is not the yummy flavor of even a green tipped banana! I throw it away.  Let's flash back a few hours to my shopping trip to Costco, I found some amazing things!  I'm waking around, I hear angels singing like church bells and I look over at a huge tote of green bananas! I said wow forget just the green tip, the whole thing is green! (Like this is a good thing?)
Well they are icky!  I don't know why it's hard for me to find them, and when I do they only stay that way for a hot minute, since my last sugar detox I have a freezer full of bananas! Lmao..  oh well!
Bronies?  Ok so a few weeks ago I was celebrating Christmas with my family while I say and chatted it up with my amazing nephew Felix, his birthday is soon too!  I believe he's turning 12.  Anywho, we were chatting it up about minecraft, and drawing school etc.  He starts telling me about bronies.  Men who love my little pony.  Now I honestly thought him and my great niece Lena (she's 14) were taking smack trying to make aunt Kerry believe them.  Grown men dressing like pinky pie, singing the theme, making costumes, videos, composing music. Bronie-con? Ok I entertained the idea but forgot about it.  I'm flipping through looking around, mentally promising my husband I won't watch orange and black with out him.  There it is, a Netflix freaking documentary about bronies! I'm floored!!!! I'm sorry kids that aunt Kerry didn't believe you! (I had to tell someone about this insanity)

Ok tip number one to my newer detoxees (is that a word?)
Meals will not taste the same through the detox, that not sweet dessert might taste like ehh on the first few days(you might not want to even eat it if it's your first detox and you don't currently follow a paleo like plan), ok on day 7, amazing on day 14, and on day 21 you can't imagine why you didn't come up with this?  Try things more then once if you didn't like it, dont eat it for a week and try again.

Don't make excuses!  There is always going to be a birthday, a wedding, stress, hardships, depression, sickness etc.  Don't make excuses, just jump in and do it, you can make it through, if life didn't have some hurdles it would be very boring and we would never strive for better! 

And last tip for the night;  be conscious to not replace addictions with another addiction.  Like now you are not eating candy bars oh I can smoke an extra cig on my break or sit down and eat half a jar of almond butter instead of cake. I have an overly addictive personality, just stay positive! 

In a few days I shall be posting my review for the 21 day sugar detox cook book!  Keep your eyes open!
Sweet dreams everyone!  Happy detoxing!

Here's a pic of my haul! From Costco and wholefoods!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy bacon new year! 21 day sugar detox?

Happy New year everyone! Hope everyone was warm, safe, and in good company!  My amazing mother in law hosted our 3rd annual new years bacon bash! 
Dinner was chicken breast stuffed with sauteed onions and garlic (in bacon grease), cream cheese, home made bbq sauce and spinach , and cheddar cheese,  then wrapped in bacon and topped with bbq sauce and baked.
Then hubbys bacon log which is bacovn lattice stuffed with cream cheese, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese and baked in the oven.
Then against all grains chocolate chip cookies with crispy bacon pieces in it.
All in all it was amazing, and I got to meet my mother in laws new adopted Siames kittens (petunia and maverick)
Starting Monday is my next 21 day sugar detox! Who is on board with me? I plan on posting lots of motivation and inspirational pictures on my instagram and here.  If you are interested in the book click the link at the top of my page!!!!