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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Im kicking butt! (maybe to hard!??)

So day 2 of my chalean/ brazil buttlift hybrid!
Cardio axe from brazil buttlift this morning.. I don't really care for it, its a little to DANCY for me (if thats even a word)  
I'm not much of a choreographed dancer....  BUT I TRIED, and completed the workout!

I'm sore today, its a good feeling, and it hurts my abs to cough (which is amazing btw)

Hubby went to a mets game (we are yankee fans) but I got them from donating blood a few weeks ago and it was nice for him to have a little time out with out the children with another adult (his step brother who is a mets fan)
He's on his way home now...  
Well anywhooooooooooooooo   I realized from now on I need to eat dinner before exercising!  My appitite is like non existant after working out, is that even normal???
So after making this amazing omelet that was totally ugly (2 eggs, cream cheese, fermented jalapenos, tomatos, mexican blend cheese, and twice fried pork)  I worked out.. I did a turbo jam workout, and another hour of Callanetics.   I REALLY REALLY REALLY can't wait to take more bikini photos.. I'm up to 16.5 total hours
I am supposed to do Burn Circuit 2 tomorrow, I want to try to get up early and do it in the morning and then maybe take the evening off...  I need some extras from costco so I may go there after work anyway, which means i'll prob get a nice long walk in after work!  (need chia seeds, flax seeds, vanilla extract etc)
I am wondering if Costco has a good low carb protein powder?  Any suggestions?  I would really like to maybe replace dinner with a shake.. YAY!  I wish costco had MCT OIL!   Im going to start making myself bullett proof coffee in the morning, but right now im improvising with coconut oil, and ghee (and an egg yolk so it doesn't seperate) AND THE EGGYOLK TRICK WORKS!!!!!
Well everyone, its getting late, and rest is just as important as diet and exercise.. YOU GUYS DONT EVEN TALK BACK TO ME, but seeing the hits on here totally just motivates me to work so much harder..
I'm off to bed to sprawl out till my hubbs gets home!  Sweet dreams everyone!  

Monday, July 22, 2013

CHALEAN EXTREME Vs Callanetics Vs Brazil Buttlift?

ok so I love my callanetics.. how can I not?  anything that I can see my butt move up an inch in a couple of weeks is ok by me!  
I have decided that today I'm going to start doing Chalean extreme again.   I LOVE IT!
Every time I do it I get almost to the end and for whatever reason life gets in the way etc etc etc more excuses more excuses etc..

WELL NOT THIS TIME?  WHY NOT?  Well cause I got you guys watching me, and I will not give up knowing atleast one person might be watching!

So I will still do my callanetics in the morning before work, and complete Chalean Extreme when my children go to bed.  (go away hubby no tv for you!)  lololol

So I have decided to maybe adding a little Brazil buttlift in there as a hybrid (I need all the help I can get for my legs/thighs)  
I have decided I can't do Brazil buttlift alone, because his voice would drive me to drink, he sounds like borat to me and I HATE THAT MOVIE!  anyway...
I found some hybrid schedules online that I'm Going to steal and use as a basis.. EXCEPT these are like 8 week schedules and I still want mine to be a 12 week schedule.  I will do 4 weeks of each circuit...
This is the link to the person who I took the hybrid schedule from: Chalean Extreme Buttlift Hybrid

Anyone down for a challenge?
Well I will be taking pictures as usual, in my ugly bikini, with my saggy bits!  BUTTTTTTTTTT Hopefully by the end of the 3 months my bits will be SAGGY NO MORE!

If anyone is interested in some extra support I started a thread on Low Carb Friends

here is the link to join me in the challenge: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/exercise-board/808346-chalean-extreme-challenge.html

I made a chocolate mugcake yesterday... IT WAS AMAZING!

1T coconut flour
1T flax meal
2T Stevia
1teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1T Cocoa powder
1 egg
1T Coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a mug good with a fork, cook in the microwave for 2 minutes (times may vairy)
then flipped it over on a plate, cut it in half, put some peanut butter on each half and sprinkled with a little more stevia.

I ran out of flax for my kids mug cakes and used 2T coconut flour and it was equilly good!  
If you are looking for a more paleo idea, you could easily sub the stevia or peanut butter..    VERY VERY AMAZING IN FLAVOR!  I'm SOLD!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Badass academy, chalean extreme!

Well Wednesday a few of my co workers and I went to a place called badass academy in bayridge Brooklyn (www.badassacademy.com)  I'm still hurting Friday!
This place kicks ass.  I'm so happy I found out about it! It's the biggest loser yell at me and make me sweat and feel great at the same time, workout I was always looking for.  You can purchase single classes (12-15$) or monthly/yearly unlimited passes.  I got tricked into going to a boot camp class for back and shoulders (my weakness) and I am so proud I finished!  I thought I was going to zumba! Oh well! 
This place really rocks, and the clients rock too!  This isn't your traditional place, everyone is friendly, and cheers each other on. Over all a great vibe!  You may see it from the outside and think you are not fit enough (looks can be intimidating) but this place is it!  I'm so happy I had a chance to work with one of the owners (Jose) because I would have never known about this place, or been able to tell all my co workers about it!
Go check out their schedules on their site, and go try out your first class for free! Woot woot! Make sure to follow them on instagram also for daily motivational tidbits!  If they ask, say queenbacon sent ya!

Oh and my new friend Mari convinced me that I need to start doing chalean extreme again asap. (I was going to wait till next month)
I am making a challenge group on www.lowcarbfriends.com if anyone is interested in joining me!  I'm going to get buffffff!

I'm not giving up my callanetics, so don't even think about it!  I'm going to post more afters after I finish 20hrs (I'm at about15 hours now!)

So after I finished my 21 day sugar detox I went crazy with fruit and paleo treats.  Today at 144lbs (up 2 from my lowest) I started another fat fast to jump start my ketosis, and get rid of cravings.  I'm doing this for 3 days and I'm not quite sure where I'm going from there...  any suggestions?
Well happy Friday and good night everyone!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Badass what?

So today I'm stepping out off my comfort zone. 
With some of the girls at work, and a big boss we are going to take a fitness class after work.  The place is called bad ass academy (www.badassacademy.com) tell them queenbacon sent ya lol
This place is real deal no joke 6000 square feet is hard core ass whipping muscle building boot camps!
I'm scared, I can't even do a push up on my knees, but since I'm with my co workers and I'm the hard core paleo healthy eating nut I mentally have something to prove.  Cause I might look sweet but ima be a bad ass too!
Don't worry I'll post about it later (if im not in a wheel chair lol)
We are either taking beauty and the beast ( boot camp and Zuma combined) or back and shoulders (god help me now lol)
Ok back to work I go! Reviewed later!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Color mob 5k today

So my family and I did our first 5k today... I'm pretty sure we may be hooked!  It was a color run this one was called "color mob 5k" 
We had an amazing time..  here are some pictures from the race! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 hours callanetics done!

Ok so I promised before and after four my 10 hours of callanetics.. 
I don't see any life changing results. Buttttt considering the results I have seen in only 10 hours (10 sessions) I'm very pleased.  So pleased I just finished my 11th hour! I may post 20 hour results if anyone shows interest! 
Tomorrow is my last day of my sugar detox too and it's my birthday! 33 new me yeah! 
I seem to be hovering around 141-143 so I'm assuming that's what I'll wake up the day after tomorrow...
Oh I also did my 20 minute chalean turbo jam workout too!
Please let me know what your think.. the left's are the before, the right is the after, my hair is cut now lol oh yeah and I'm more tan lol.....


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just had a head slapping moment..... :(

Ok so for some reason I just measured my height.. Then measured it again, and measured it once more.  I'm 2" shorter then I thought I was.  For years I thought I was 5'8, I have been measuring everything by that etc....  Well now I know the truth.. I'm only 5'6 I'm not as tall as I thought, which explains how certain things don't fit me yet..

Anywho the plus side is atleast now I know why all these years I always thought I looked so much fatter for my height then other girls my height and weight (DUH THEY WERE NOT MY HEIGHT THEY WERE 2" TALLER)
The negative side is since I'm small boned I have more weight to lose :( which makes me sad, but hey I enjoy losing weight.. the Challenge of it..
Ok now I'm just average in height.... lmao  now on to your regularly scheduled programming..   BOOOOOOOOO

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This is MY biggest motivation, and why I strive for better!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Hey I'm kicking ass!

Just finished my 5th hour of my 10 years younger in 10 hours (callanetics)
This morning I did a chalean Johnson turbo jam workout! I'm kicking butt!  I'm hovering around 142lbs, but I'm ok with it.  Especially since the time of month just hit like ww3 (horrid cramps) sorry tmi.  I'm hoping that over time I'm going to shed at least 3 to 4 more pounds (my birthday is in 9 days!)
I'm so excited too! Thanks guys for looking at my page! I'm very excited that my page has over 500 hits! Thanks for looking , it's a great insperation to me! 
Tomorrow morning I'm going to do the turbo jam fat blaster work out! Woot woot!

Can't wait to post my callanetics before and after bikini shots! They are frightening so please don't eat to much before looking (will be posting around my birthday!)