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Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm depressed!

So after my detox I went back to eating low carb.  Watching what I eat etc.  I have gained back to 161lbs.  This is so upsetting to me considering I was around 143 before the holidays and I'd like to be in the low 130s.
I am upset!  What do you do when the best isn't good enough?  Well I'm tweaking now! 
My position has changed at my job, and the location has changed also.  I went from easily walking 10000 steps a day to walking under 5000 steps today.  I'm working longer hours it's becoming harder and harder to get exercise in and I just can't lose any weight.  everyday I weigh myself I weigh more and more.
then I think about the professionals, they want professional bodies they act professionally.  they weigh their food, they measure everything, they work out everyday, they keep detailed logs and everything!  if I want to look like a fitness model I need to have those habits! 
Starting Monday I'm going back to a strict low carb high fat diet, measuring everything and logging on my fitness pal.  I'm also going to start whipping my ass into shape!  Exercising, walking more, heavy lifting..  I am also doing 100 squats a day for 30 days, today is day 2.

My fitness goal for February is to be under 150lbs.  I'm going to post on here to stay accountable.   Helllllpppppppp :(  I need all the support I can get!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blogger Brunch, Done with my detox! ETC

So what is up?  Welllllllllllllllllllll this past weekend I was invited to a blogger brunch at my new awesome friends house Margo.  What an amazing host!  It was potluck style and a bunch of us brought different goodies.  We then tried out her Da vinci Body board, and she also gave out amazing little gift bags!  What an amazing hostess!

Now what did I get out of this?  Well not only did I get to meet a bunch of awesome women (I love meeting new people), but they got my mind juices flowing to the max, and I hope this means I made some new friends for the long haul!  Oh yes and I got an amazing GIFT BAG!
One of the things we were talking about was labels.  Not like food labels, but labels on the way you eat.  For example; paleo, primal, low carb, keto, atkins, weight watchers, etc.  There is always some strict police person out there watching what you eat like "HEY THE RICE ON THAT SUSHI ROLL ISNT PALEO", "OMG YOU ARE EATING A SWEET POTATO?  THATS NOT LOW CARB!"
Then I thought to myself over the last few days omg I'm the queen of not only bacon, but labeling how I am eating!  It hit me even harder when my husband said to me when the 21 day sugar detox was over "Hey Kerry are we eating paleo now, or are we going low carb?"  I was like ughhhhhhhhhhhh  I am a diet label whore!  I need to move away from this, from now on I eat food that helps me achieve the best me!  If its lower carb, paleo, atkins, primal, what ever it may be....

So I finished my 21 day sugar detox. I set my standards high and I came out sort of disappointed this go around.  I lost a couple of pounds, but I think me going off plan for the holidays really screwed up my personal eco system.  I have been pretty sick since xmas with a constant cold that moves from my chest to my nose and throat almost every couple of days (which I am now almost totally over).  My bathroom habits are not so good anymore (I wanna poop at least once a day).  But I think this was a move in the right direction.  My skin started to clear again, headaches subsided, cravings are cut down.  The biggest thing I took out of this detox?  I lose weight better with full fat dairy in my life!  Isn't that amazing news?  WOOHOO! Kerry Gold Cheese HERE I COME!  

Summer is coming soon, and I need to get back into exercise!  I haven't done jack squat in a couple of months between being sick, working my ass off, holidays etc.  No more excuses, I just need to get off my ass and work my ass off! hahaha.
I got a fun new toy!  it is a lifetrak fitness monitor.  its a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, pedometer, and you can track calories burned etc.  It works with bluetooth to sync with your Iphone (but I have a samsung galaxy).  Soon it should also sync with android (keeping my fingers crossed).

Now to introduce you to my new Friends!  please check out their blogs!  They kick butt!

First off is Margo, she is an amazing host and such a smart, fit, and independent woman.  Such a great inspiration!  Before I buy any fitness magazine I always look for her review on her site!  (she saves me lots of money with out even knowing it)  click the cool picture below to go to her site.

Next is my friends Amber,  she is awesome too!  She is such an inspiration the way she made over her body and she is super fit!  (her and her man are a hot item!)  I  get tons of ideas for recipes from her because she has some food allergies/intolerance.  To my keto/lchf family shes recently moved over to our dark side of noshing on yummy fat filled keto food and enjoying it.  She was also mentioned in the 21 day sugar detox book for her amazing journey!  EXSOYCISE!!!<~~click there

Next is a new friend Nellie.  Nellie is an amazing woman also!  (see a trend? deez are some great gals!)
She is a professional woman who finds time to be a mommy to 2 handsome little guys!  She teaches zumba classes, and can speak in front of large crowds!  (and since she has 2 little ones we need to take the kids out one day!)  click her pic below to check out her blog!

Nexxxxt is Cassandre!  She is another awesome full time working mommy!  (play date!  all of us!)  She has an amazing story to tell!  She is a holistic health coach, marketing executive, and I can just tell shes full of knowledge.  Right off the bat I could tell I'd go to this woman for advice! (and I am sure I will in due time! hahaha)  click the picture below to check out her site!

ok anyone with the blog called "lifes better in yoga pants"  should have their site looked at!  Lynette is so adorable!  Such a sweet lady!  She made these amazing little eggy cups that were delish!  She is an active runner (i'm always amazed by people who love to run)  Lynette is also a professional working woman, who finds time in her busy schedule to run, take classes, date and eat healthy!  Check out her blog, if not for me check it out because LIFE IS BETTER IN YOGA PANTS!  (god I love that name lol)
Life's Better in Yoga Pants

Lasssssssssssst but not least is Kelly (can't forget her name its like mineeeee only with l's instead of r's) sorry Its getting late for me hahaha..  Kelly is amazing, she has lost a ton of weight doing weight watchers.  Shes one sexy lady!  She has been in magazines, newspapers, and even on TV!  She was so sweet, and I'm honored to be in the company of someone who has accomplished some amazing things!!!!!!!!!  fill me in on your secrets!  Check out her Blog!!!!

nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  that you have met my new friends, you should be busy for a hot minute looking at the amazing blogs/sites.
Which makes me think, maybe I should get a dot com? Hmmmmmmmm  maybe I will?  When Da IRS Gives me mah Tax dollaz!  (sorry lol i get silly when I'm tired)

Butttttttttttt If you get hungry while you are looking at these amazing women, or you are hungry and watching the Olympics, maybe you pmsing, or need something easy and low carb.
HERE IS MY EASY 3 Ingredient Reuben Casserole.

Take some cooked corned beef and shred it and line the bottom of an oven safe casserole dish, about an inch or so deep.  you can used a cooked corned beef or if you are lazy like me and short on time you can use deli corned beef cut into shreds.
top it with a nice amount of squeezed out sauerkraut.  make sure to squeeze out the liquid good or else you will end up with slop in your pan!  
then top it with swiss cheese and bake in the oven at 350 till the cheese is melty!

This recipe is so easy and great for company.  You can serve it on a plate, with bread or crackers for your non weight conscious folk, or with celery, sliced cucumber rounds or low carb wraps!   this is great also with mustard, or thousand island dressing.

NOW HAVE A WONDERFUL NIGHT EVERYONE!  Thanks so much for reading!!!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Garlic avocado mayonnaise!

This stuff kicks ass.  Very easy to make!

1 whole egg
1Tbsp Apple cider vinegar
1Tbsp spicy brown mustard
1 clove of garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup avocado oil (hint: I got a huge glass jar at Costco for like 11$)

In your blender drop in everything but the oil and start it on a medium speed (like 6 on my vitamix)  slowly drizzle your cup of oil into the blender.   When it's all in (please be patient and do this very slowly) I turned the blender up all the way for about 3 seconds then shut it off.

This stuff is amazing on burgers, chicken, salad , veggies. .  It really is out of this world!

Let me know what you think!

Monday, January 13, 2014

7 days down! And creamed kale recipe!

So I am officially 7 days into my 4th sugar detox.  I feel amazing and I'm 6lbs down so far! (My fingers are crossed that I make it back to the pre holiday weight)
I had some headaches, but am in all I feel good.  I finally jumped the gun and purchased gelatin to start taking, keeps me full for a lot longer (crazy!)  
Im over all happy, and thinking about what I would like to do next, just keep detoxing maybe? 
I came up with a new recipe!!!
Creamed Kale (21 day sugar detox approved)
2tbsp of Kerry gold butter or ghee
1lb of kale chopped  (I keep the stems but you don't have to)
1 cup coconut milk
Half teaspoon nutmeg
Salt and pepper to taste

Melt the butter in a pot and add the chopped kale, keep the flame on pretty low cover the pot and sweat the kale for about 8 minutes flipping the bottom to the top occasionally. 
When it  reduces to about half the size add the nutmeg, and salt & pepper then pour over the coconut milk.  Cook for about 3 minutes longer stirring occasionally.

This is so freekin amazing!!! Can't wait to try with spinach !

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The 21 day sugar detox cookbook review

So after reading the cookbook, and making a couple of recipes I'm ready to yell at you to get this book. 
I loved the book before making any recipes.  There are meal plans, modifications, wonderful pictures, and a great photo recipe index. The book gives you the prep time, and cook time.  There's also a side bar that notes if the recipe has shellfish, nuts, niteshades, fodmaps, or eggs.  At the bottom of the page lists the modifications, and notes in where to get a special ingredient. Another amazing thing is it uses allot of basic ingredients, you won't have to keep going to the specialty market for strange ingredients!
Not only is this book a must have for anyone doing the sugar detox, but it would be amazing for people with food allergies, diabetes, eat low carb/Keto, gluten free, and paleo or primal.  It could also be used for people doing the whole30 plan.
Last night I made the chicken pot pie.  It was honestly the best thing I ever ate that I made.  I was super impressed, no one would have guessed this wasn't made by a master chef or healthy for that matter...  this recipe alone makes the book with its weight in gold!!!!
I also made the n'oatmeal which was outstanding!  It was better then oatmeal and kept me full for hours!  if you get this book and make this recipe take note that if you blend for longer with the chia seeds this recipe turns into an amazing pudding!!!

Please check out balancedbites and the 21 day sugar detox and get this book now before you regret it later!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Green tipped bananas and bananas are not the same. Bronies?

Happy 21 day sugar detox eve!  Yes I'm lame!
So here I am getting ready to make my first 21 day sugar detox breakfast "no'oatmeal" from the 21 day sugar detox cook book! I have everything set up and ready to go.
Now I'm ready to peel my banana and of course this banana is so under ripe I could hurt someone with it (no it's not a plantain, I'm part Puerto Rican, I know a plantain when I see it lol) and the top breaks off! Damn this banana, peel some more, no luck.  Ewww now my fingers are sticky and my banana is becoming a mangled mess, so I decide to bite the banana! No this is not the yummy flavor of even a green tipped banana! I throw it away.  Let's flash back a few hours to my shopping trip to Costco, I found some amazing things!  I'm waking around, I hear angels singing like church bells and I look over at a huge tote of green bananas! I said wow forget just the green tip, the whole thing is green! (Like this is a good thing?)
Well they are icky!  I don't know why it's hard for me to find them, and when I do they only stay that way for a hot minute, since my last sugar detox I have a freezer full of bananas! Lmao..  oh well!
Bronies?  Ok so a few weeks ago I was celebrating Christmas with my family while I say and chatted it up with my amazing nephew Felix, his birthday is soon too!  I believe he's turning 12.  Anywho, we were chatting it up about minecraft, and drawing school etc.  He starts telling me about bronies.  Men who love my little pony.  Now I honestly thought him and my great niece Lena (she's 14) were taking smack trying to make aunt Kerry believe them.  Grown men dressing like pinky pie, singing the theme, making costumes, videos, composing music. Bronie-con? Ok I entertained the idea but forgot about it.  I'm flipping through looking around, mentally promising my husband I won't watch orange and black with out him.  There it is, a Netflix freaking documentary about bronies! I'm floored!!!! I'm sorry kids that aunt Kerry didn't believe you! (I had to tell someone about this insanity)

Ok tip number one to my newer detoxees (is that a word?)
Meals will not taste the same through the detox, that not sweet dessert might taste like ehh on the first few days(you might not want to even eat it if it's your first detox and you don't currently follow a paleo like plan), ok on day 7, amazing on day 14, and on day 21 you can't imagine why you didn't come up with this?  Try things more then once if you didn't like it, dont eat it for a week and try again.

Don't make excuses!  There is always going to be a birthday, a wedding, stress, hardships, depression, sickness etc.  Don't make excuses, just jump in and do it, you can make it through, if life didn't have some hurdles it would be very boring and we would never strive for better! 

And last tip for the night;  be conscious to not replace addictions with another addiction.  Like now you are not eating candy bars oh I can smoke an extra cig on my break or sit down and eat half a jar of almond butter instead of cake. I have an overly addictive personality, just stay positive! 

In a few days I shall be posting my review for the 21 day sugar detox cook book!  Keep your eyes open!
Sweet dreams everyone!  Happy detoxing!

Here's a pic of my haul! From Costco and wholefoods!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy bacon new year! 21 day sugar detox?

Happy New year everyone! Hope everyone was warm, safe, and in good company!  My amazing mother in law hosted our 3rd annual new years bacon bash! 
Dinner was chicken breast stuffed with sauteed onions and garlic (in bacon grease), cream cheese, home made bbq sauce and spinach , and cheddar cheese,  then wrapped in bacon and topped with bbq sauce and baked.
Then hubbys bacon log which is bacovn lattice stuffed with cream cheese, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese and baked in the oven.
Then against all grains chocolate chip cookies with crispy bacon pieces in it.
All in all it was amazing, and I got to meet my mother in laws new adopted Siames kittens (petunia and maverick)
Starting Monday is my next 21 day sugar detox! Who is on board with me? I plan on posting lots of motivation and inspirational pictures on my instagram and here.  If you are interested in the book click the link at the top of my page!!!!