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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Low carb high fat medium protein!

So I'm eating my macros in 80/15/5 percent fat/protein/carbs
One day under my belt!  I started at about 146lbs.
Yesterday I had 4tbsp heavy cream and 1tbsp coconut oil in coffee.
2nd meal was 30g macadamia nuts
Lunch was 3 egg yolks with 1tbsp kerry gold butter.
Snack 2oz cream cheese
Dinner was 3 yolks 1tbsp butter
And snack was 2tbsp heavy cream with 1oz Kerry gold dubliner cheese!
My total calories were 1462

Not bad for my first day, was not expecting my fat to be that high, it was a pleasant surprise!
This morning I weighed in at 143.6lbs
I did a turbo jam workout and I'm about to go on a walk...  I need to get back into callanetics so maybe I'll do that tonight...
If you want, feel free to add me on myfitnesspal is amazing, I linked it to my bodybugg so I'm tracking everything. Weighing everything with ease! Yahoooo

Monday, August 19, 2013

High fat, low carb, sugar detox

I had a lightbulb pop up over my head this morning.  I love eating vlc/high fat, fat fasting, and paleo/ 21 day sugar detox.. I usually cycle them to lose weight, because unless I watch my carbs very strictly I gain.  So this morning I decided I wanted to mix high fat/medium protein/ low carb, with the 21 day sugar detox, this is going to be hard.  I need dairy free, sugar free ideas!  I have a week to plan to not fail. My macros should look like 80 fat / 15 protein / 5 carbs..  this is going to be hard

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gotta go check out my friends blog!

So my girl in instagram has a blog that kicks arse!
She follows a low carb, high fat/nutritional ketosis way of life...  
Her food and recipes are amazing.. please show your support for a fellow low carber ketosis queen!
The best lchf recipe page!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sorry I was MIA! Glow run, family going Paleo, and MUG CAKE YUM!

I apologize that I have been missing in action.  After last weekend, doing the glow run with friends from work, I felt like crap.  I haven't really been exercising, I have been really tired and I felt like I just need another over haul.  
Hubby and I have been talking about trying the kids on a NOT SO STRICT paleo for a few weeks just to see how they do.  Now what I'm saying not so strict?  Well they will be eating a little rice here and there (my kiddos are SUPER active)  and I promised them if they do good they can have a treat from red mango.  I also plan on getting them some organic dairy (some cheese, yogurt etc).  My kids by no means can afford to lose any weight, but they some times have some behavioral issues, and my daughter has some minor skin issues that I think could benefit.  
We started today.  We filled the fridge with fruits and veggies, and I'm honestly not sure they will even notice all the crap gone.  My daughter is so excited that there is tons of fresh stuff in the fridge for her to munch on, and my 2.5 yr old son could be constantly walking around eating a tomato like its a plum!  lol .  I am going to make sure they get a lot of healthy fats!  Well today is day one for that so hopefully all goes well!   Can anyone suggest a good book to buy for my daughter (shes 7 but ahead in reading)  for her to read to understand paleo, and clean eating?  
Now on to the fun stuff.. Last weekend I ran in a Dance5k at CitiField in Flushing Queens.  OH MY GOSH! SO MUCH FUN!  I ran a lot!  I'm very proud of myself.  We had a kick ass time.  I didn't run the whole thing because we stopped for a few people in the group to use the bathroom (there were porta potties placed around the course).  This is my second 5k of the summer.  I so want to do a tough mudder, but I believe I should be able to do a pushup first!  lol

ok next is on to my Vanilla Mug cake topped with a Strawberry Chia Jam.  OH MY VERY TASTY

I promised the recipe, so here it is!!
1 Egg
1TBSP Coconut flour
1TBSP Almond flour
1TBSP Stevia
1 pinch baking powder
1TBSP coconut oil
1/2tsp Vanilla extract

Mix this all in a mug with fork and microwave for 1.5 minutes

Now for the strawberry chia jam
I chopped up some strawberries, and blended them in my smallest bullet cup, with a sprinkle of stevia. I then added a tablespoon of chia seeds and let it sit in the fridge for a bit after mixing for one quick buzz in my magic bullet.  

Above is the finished product.   Please feel free to question or comment!  XOXOXO