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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy holiday weight gain!

So every year around xmas (a few days before till New year's) I eat crazy off plan.  Cookies, cakes, ice cream, fries, burgers with buns, Twinkies, etc.  If it's not nailed down I may eat it..  this year was no different, but the outcome was much worse, and I have to put a halt on this insanity.
The other day I weighed myself and I was up 10lbs which is normal for me in water, and then it levels out for the remainder of my monster binge.  Not the case this year.
Of course I have been plegged with the typical things when I eat gluten; headaches, sore throat, mood swings.  This year it's worse, my throat is swollen I can hardly swallow,  my head is constantly pounding, nose is stuffy and I can't breathe, and my mood is in a red alert status, just try not to look at me.  I weighed myself this morning and I'm 165lbs.  So in the week of cheating I gained 20 or so lbs, and my wedding band is permanently stuck on my finger. 
I'm back on low carb till after the new year when I sugar detox again.  Keto here I come! 
Now I'm not blaming gluten, soy, sugar and carbs on all this insanity alone, I'm sure I feel like shit because I'm run down, and the temperatures in New York have gone from 70 to 15 in days also.  Let's not forget the stress of the holidays!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Giveaway on Instagram right now!

Go check out mt instagram right now!   I'm giving away this amazing hand made bracelet!  You just need to repost the picture, and be following my friend and I. 

She also did custom pieces, for info and pricing: cuffcouture@aol.com

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Amazing chocolate chip cookies

So when I was a little girl, I had this love for chocolate chip cookies. I didn't even need to dunk them, they were amazing just as they were.  When I was really little and we would goto my dad's sisters house (aunt Lucy and uncle Tom) my uncle would always have a box of entemans chocolate chip cookies we would sit and way them while he smoked his pipe. 
My mom would make home made cookies too, they were good! Huge chocolate chips with toll house morsels.  Perfect for dipping.  My mom had a recipe she saved off and old box of something and still uses it today.  I go off plan every xmas, and that's when I get to enjoy them...

You have to check out the cookies from against all grains.  I did make some subs along the way. 
In the recipe on the red plate I used butter and Stevia instead of coconut sugar and just the enjoy chips.  They were amazing, better then I ever imagined, and looked like they belong in a box.  People who don't eat paleo were screaming at me that I should sell them.

The cookies on the black plate were just as amazing.  I subbed the coconut sugar for monk fruit in the raw, and added some hazel nuts to replace some chocolate chips.  This was amazing too.  Very worth making.  I rolled these in ping pong sized balls after freezing the dough and pressed them down flat with my hands on parchment paper (bake on parchment paper too!)
The Stevia kept the cookies more while and store bought looking, and the monk fruit defiantly caramelized. If you have coconut sugar feel free to use that, I just couldn't find it locally. 
Please check out against all grains blog and recipe at the link below, you will not be disappointed!!!!!  You don't even have to mention to people that they are grain and sugar free! They will be amazed by them, they taste like amazing store/bakery bought cookies.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

No poo November!

Yes I didn't poo at all this November! I did poop, but no shampoo!  Since I was reading and completing the 21 day sugar detox last month I figured I would read the book "skintervention guide" by Liz Wolfe
I got this guide quite a few months ago in an ebook bundle, and I was very interested!
Now here's the low down, I love my hair,I hate my scalp!  My scalp is constantly flaking and is overly sensitive!  Regular shampoo and conditioner makes it itchy and break out, dandruff shampoo kills my hair but helps improve the scalp boooooo!
So while doing my detox I said heck let's try this no poo stuff out!  Well I followed the protocol, and so far I'm pleased.  I'm in no way totally healed, but it's a work in progress and I'm getting there.  The guide was amazing, I haven't used soap on my face in over a month either!  Yay I'm finally getting my glow back! 
So why this change in heart?  Well I take care of my insides so why not take care of the outside?  This was defiantly a win win for me.  I'm saving money and improving my external health.  I recommend this book for any of my fellow people who have sensitive skin, or are just looking to clean up their act (harhar)
Any questions please feel free to ask away!  And please make sure to stop by Liz Wolfes blog and ebook at www.cavegirleats.com

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My apologies, but I'm making it up to you!

So allot has been going on this lady month.  Unfortunately my father in law (hubbys step dad)  had been very sick and recently passed.  I give this man credit though, he's been kicking cancer arse for years now (14) and he was also on oxygen for emphazima (sp). This man was an amazing grandfather to my children, and not a day will go by that I won't think about him.  But I do know that now my children have a wonderful guardian angel, and he is no longer in pain.  I hope some day to run in the nyc marathon, just like him! 

I sugar detox through this whole ordeal, my third round.  My 21 days are over but I'm enjoying my self, my creativity, my meals, etc.  I only lost 3lbs (less then I hoped for) but I didn't gain, I feel great, and I'm not disappointed, and for fucks sake I didn't gain! Wahooooo! 
Please stop by my instagram and check out some of my meal ideas and reviews of recipes from the book...  hopefully if I'm lucky I will get the chance to review the cook book in a couple of weeks! 

Now hears where I make it up to you!  My newest invention, and a great thing to do with my mini silicon loaf pans.

21 day sugar detox approved almond joy bars!
This serves 2
In one bowl/blender cup
2TBSP coconut oil
2TBSP coconut butter
Half a green tipped banana
1tsp cocoa powder

Blend till totally smooth
Then barely cover the bottom on your candy holder and freeze till almost solid
I then placed a few almonds in it

Then in another blender bowl blend other half of banana
3TBSP dried unsweetened coconut
2TBSP canned full fat coconut milk
Half a teaspoon of vanilla

Then scoop this mixture into the centers of the bars (you may have a little extra, just eat that shit when no one is looking it tastes great)
Put in the freezer for half hour then top the bars with the remaining chocolate and freeze for about an hour....

This is amazing! You WILL THANK ME LATER! LOL

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My 21 day sugar detox book review!

I  have gained and lost weight over the years, I  have even done some unsuccessful whole30s.   Not until I  read the ebook  and did my first sugar detox  did I  realize how addicted to sugar I  was.  I  was  blind to it actually.  I  don't think you realize how much we depend on sweetness.  Even following a  strict paleo diet I  felt myself making excuses "but  this is natural,  it's ok".  Some Stevia  in my coffee, a  few  pieces of fruit,  some paleo pancakes topped with  grade b  maple syrup,  date  balls rolled in  organic cocoa powder.  Then I  realized 2  packets of  Stevia  turned to 3-5,  then when I  was out with no Stevia a  little  splenda  is  ok,  I'm  sick of water I  want  juice and Crystal lite!  Ugh  it  got  ugly!
As  soon  as I  saw  this book  was  coming in print I  did a  dance, I  was  like Veruka  in the  chocolate factory "dadddddy I  want  it  now!"
I'm  in  love,   this book  is  great.
I  appreciate the  different levels   because now my non paleo friends have something they can do,  and I  can help them along the way.
I'm  in  love with the recipes too,  even my children love them ( who are not doing the detox right now).  I'm  not sure my daughter will never eat another  ketchup  again!   the savory biscuits are outstanding too!   We  used them to make breakfast sandwiches,  and plan on making use of them for hamburger buns.
I'm sleeping better,   I'm starting to get that glow back in my skin,  and  my raging appetite is at bay.   oh and I'm only on day 4  of this  detox! (my  third round).   I'm  also  using this detox as a stepping stool to help break my addiction to my scale.  I  vowed to judge myself by how I  feel and how I look and not what the scale says!
I  will post another review  after I'm done with this detox,  oh and you might want to buy 2  of  these,  because you are not going to want to let anyone borrow this book.
make sure you check out the extra guides to supplements,  smoothies,  yoga,  exercise,  quick  start,  and faqs  that you can download  after you purchase so you can get started before your book arrives.
if you need more motivation to get this book,  check out my instagram,  I'm  posting a  ton of  pictures of the recipes from the book,  and  some of my own that I have made for my own detox.


Ps I was no way compensated for this review, I believe in this so much that I purchased the ebook (before print) and the book! I'm a few weeks I'll be buying the recipe book!!!! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Today I'm starting the 21 day sugar detox!

Today is officially the start of my 21 day sugar detox!  I'm doing level 3 for the third time! Yay!  My starting weight is 147.5 and I'm going to hide my scale for three weeks! (This is going to be harder then not eating sugar!) Good luck everyone!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Introducing The 21-Day Sugar Detox

I'm still SQUATTING!!! 21 day sugar detox!

So if you follow me on instagram, you know im still SQUATTING! YAYYYYY!
Today is day 21 so I only have one week left!  
lets see what else is new?  Well since im not an amazing enough blogger yet, I had to pre order my copy of the 21 day sugar detox (I have the ebook but I MUST have the printed copy)

I will be starting that some time in the beginning of November.
I have some how gained 10lbs (I'm almost back at 150lbs)  So its time to lower the carbs, and up my fat ASAP.
Tomorrow I will start a modified fat fast, I'll blog about it, post my stats on myfitnesspal, and Keep on SQUATTING!  WOOHOO
I want everyone's input!  Anyone interested in sugar detoxing with me next month?  ITS ONLY 21 DAYS! you have nothing to lose!

I'm also going to post my review of the book up after im done reading it, and rereading it.
Anyone want to get me the cook book for xmas?

I have also thought about maybe doing some videos of my random babble on youtube.  what does everyone think?  LET ME KNOW!  I'll deff post the videos here too!




oh and if you do decided to get the book and join me!  make sure you tell ballancedbites that I sent you! and that you think she should let me review her cookbook!  XOXOXO

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/QeASoyn6v2o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thursday, October 10, 2013


unfortunatly I do not have a kindle, or an ereader, or ipad.  I'm stuck with my samsung galaxy 3.

WELL  I love these healthy ebook bundles that get put out every so often.  They are so informative and full of useful information that I may not just purchase on my own.
I'm not getting paid (I'm not that good of a blogger YET lol)
But im on the fence if I want to go for this ebook bundle.  I'm debating, its calling my name, I feel it, I'm pulled to it with force.
I love to read but have been slacking lately.  Hubby is starting an overnight job next week so I am deffinatly going to have more time on my hands!  YAY Catch up on reading!!
Anyone have any input?  Should I get, Should I not get??  LET ME KNOWWWWWWW

Here's the link to check it out

Please comment and let me know what you think!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The easiest Pumpkin Sausage soup... EVER!!! (low carb and 21 day sugar detox friendly!)

OK for some reason over the years this is a soup is a recipe that I have adapted to almost any diet I followed.  This is one of those soups that is just about impossible to ruin.  Over the course of the chilly months you can make it with 10 different sausages, 10 different spices and it totally tastes different but is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG (twerking it mentally)

Now I wanted to post what I made, But I'm not a very follow direction person.
Please substitute anything you want and play with this recipe, like I said its almost impossible to mess it up unless you totally over season it!

This is how I start
With your oil/butter/ghee of choice
2TBSP in  a big pot on the stove
then Add in 1-2 medium onions chopped
when they are almost caramelized add in as much chopped garlic of your choice (I love garlic, and its great for you so I usually would add about  a head chopped)
then add your sausage or ground meat of choice about 2lbs  I have made it with breakfast sausage, lamb sausage, spicy Italian sausage, sweet Italian sausage, chicken sausage.  I say ground meat of your choice, maybe you don't love pork like I do?  There are 100s of paleo sausage recipes on the net! HECK Next time I may MAKE IT WITH BACON!
After the sausage browns, then drop in about a package of mushrooms sliced, raw.  let them cook for a few minutes then add your broth.
Depending on how chunky and thick or thin you want it I'd add about 64oz of broth for this batch.  Use any broth you have.  I had a left over turkey bone broth, and a left over pork bone broth in my huge freezer and I just used one of each.
then add a 15oz can of pumpkin.
stir well and add the seasonings of your choice I'm going to make suggestions but pick and choose the ones you want to suit your mood these are the ones I have found go best: (salt, pepper, bay leaf, oregano, basil, thyme, red chili flakes, sage, rosemary, fennel seeds)    Let this all simmer for around 20 minutes, stiring every so often.
Then add a half a can of canned coconut milk, don't skimp either, use the full fat stuff.  let simmer another 20 minutes and serve.
Its really hard to mess this soup up, every single time I make it my family raves that "THIS IS THE BEST IT HAS EVER BEEN"
if you eat dairy, you can by all means use heavy cream instead of the coconut milk (this is great too)

This recipe is great for atkins, low carb high fat, keto, paleo, primal, and the 21 day sugar detox.
If you try something different, have any questions or anything PLEASE COMMENT!


I'm sorry that I don't have exact measurements, but I PROMISE, this soup is SOOOOOO EASY!

Just be careful, its VERY easy to over eat this soup... to the point that you want to lay down in the corner face down.. hahahaha

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chicken Liver Pate (posted for my big sister Reine)

I love chicken livers.  They are inexpensive, interesting, good for you...  (don't forget to eat your offal!)
When prepared correctly they taste amazing.  I love playing with them because if you really do them bad I can either pass them off to my animals, or toss them and they didn't cost me to much.   Well my big sister Reine just messaged me asking me for my recipe because her and her husband are in THE MOOD! (for chicken livers) LMAO
My sister has a blog also!  go check her out! she also has a book on amazon!  She writes poetry :)
My Sister Reines Blog!

Here's a fun picture of our family wayyyyyyyyy back in the day.. HELLO 1984!! BTW Reine, nice socks with your open toed shoes!  XOXOXO

OK, So here is my recipe.  I do not usually write things down so I'm pretty much WINGING THIS!

Start off with a frying pan, fry off 4-6 slices of bacon.  Fry until almost totally crispy and take them out of the pan.  Then to the pan add a medium onion chopped up and caramelize in the pan..
I then rinse the chicken livers off and chop them in half (you want to make sure they are cooked totally through)  and toss them in the pan with the onions, and also chop up the bacon and throw that back in too..  (I am queenbacon and I do not post enough recipes about bacon!)
I then add salt and black pepper to taste, also garlic powder, sage, a little rosemary, majorym(yes i spelled that wrong I'm sorry I don't use it often lol) , thyme, and a bit of parsley, and oregano. 

When everything is done and the livers are cooked through bust out the immersion blender (stick blender) and just process everything.  Make it as smooth as you like.  
I love this stuff, it reminds me of liverwurst!  I'm sure you can make it with other livers like beef, veal, or pork.  I will have to try that myself.  besides how can something not taste good with bacon and onions???  REALLY? lol ;)  
Anyway, this is great spread on veggies or just with a spoon.  I personally like it better cold.   Its amazing spread in a lettuce leaf with tomato and a little cheese and mayo.. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!  

Hope you enjoy!  I love you Reine!  

Day one done! Today is day two!

I did 75 regular squats yesterday and 25 like this... let's lift some assess!

Monday, October 7, 2013

100 squats a day for 30 days!

Pretty self explanatory.  You don't have to do all at once, but you have to do 100 a day! Today is day one #friendssquattogether I'm going to take a pic a day to hold myself accountable! 

Amazing video about jimmy moore


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Have my Coffee and Drink it too!!!

ok so for some reason this morning before work it was my goal to make my coffee, with coconut oil and not have a slick on top.  It has ruined my favorite to go coffee cup!  :sad:  SOOOOOOOO  I was visited by the low carb gods last night in my sleep and they gave me an idea!

This is what I did...
in a jar I placed
1 egg yolk
2T coconut oil
2T heavy cream
2 stevia packets
tiny slash of vanilla extract
then blended the life out of it with my immersion blender
it ended up with the thickness of mayo, but it tasted amazing.. better then any cream mate crap (which happens to have coconut oil in it believe it or not but hydrogenated)

I then put it in my coffee cup, with my hot coffee and it was like mixing it with cream!  NO OIL ON TOP! No SLICK! No greasyness!

I mixed this with a couple extra stevias, and a 23 oz coffee, I would use half for just a mug of coffee...  and I wanted to say that this replaces my breakfast so the high in calories is fine with me.  This keeps me full and satisfied for hours.

Please if you try this with coconut milk, or almond milk instead let me know how it turns out!!!!  please leave me a comment!  

Yum yum yum

So I promised myself I'd post this recipe, and I slacked big time! 
This is a mug cake I made the other day. 

The cake is
1 egg
1T almond flour
1T flax ground
1T coconut oil
3 Stevia packets
1tsp vanilla extract
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of ginger
Dash of nutmeg
Mixed well with a fork and nuked for 90 seconds

The topping is
1T chia seeds
3 strawberries
I blended this in my magic bullet for about 30 seconds then chilled in the fridge for an hour

The stuffing in the middle is
2T cream cheese
Stevia to taste
.5 teaspoon vanilla extract
Nook until soft and mix...  

Then sandwich that yummy ness!

This is high in calories. But I have an almost 3yr old that doesn't allow me to over eat any treats.

Gluten free, low carb, and could be paleo or primal if you sub the sweetner or cream cheese...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chalean extreme starting Monday!

So I plan on starting and following chalean extreme starting Monday September 30th.  I want to get a challenge going if anyone is interested!  I will be sticking to and following low carb high fat during this journey!  I have never really started to and stuck to the whole plan (don't follow the diet though).  This time I would love to! 
Is anyone interested in being in a challenge with me?  If so please comment!  If I get enough people I'll start a private fb group for us...

I'm sick of being lazy and unmotivated, I'm not getting any younger or healthier..  I need to build muscle!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I took my first Webinar! but now I am lost. :(

So I dream about being able to blog, make money, have people who follow and trust my opinions.  That is so awesome to me.  I dream about it, it is what I want to do.  I want to have a popular blog, I want to talk to people with common likes and interests.   I want to be able to take it and run with it and never turn back.

Last night I took my first webinar!  www.thesweatybetties.com  and www.bexlife.com had a free hour or so webinar last night about how to pursue social media and make money doing what you love.   It was kind of an intro to there seminar coming up next month (http://socialacademycoaching.com)
I was sucked in, taking in every bit of information they spoke.  It was amazing to me, how did they make it seem so simple, so easy and I haven't done this yet.   I have myself a blog, I have myself an instagram with a few people looking every now and then, I have an inactive YouTube, I know how to use twitter, and I know how to use Facebook!  Half the work is done for me!  

Then the thoughts kicked in.   "Just pick what you love and go with it, if you believe in it, and stick with it people will follow, just be consistent" ...
OH NO!!!!  What do I love?  I love health and weight loss, I'm great at losing weight!  I have prob lost the same 25lbs 80 times?  (ok maybe like the last 10lbs not 25 but if you know me I like to over exaggerate) I cycle allot though between low carb, very low carb, lchf, and primal/paleo.  Why would you listen to me though I'm not certified in anything, I'm not a health coach, I'm not a nutritionist!  Why follow me when you can follow people with credentials?
I love bacon!  but I don't love it so much to have a blog about just bacon!  Bacon is amazing but its played out, I mean you search bacon on instagram and 2 million photos come up!
I love fitness, I love to talk about it, I love to obsess about it!  But guess what?  I'm lazy, I don't do it every day, and I'm not certified in that either! I'm a certified oxygen magazine reader though!!!!!!
Oh and I'm a foodie, I love food.  I like to take pictures of my ugly dinners and such.  But I hate writing recipes!  I do on occasion when they are simple and easy, but I do not have the patience to write about it constantly enough to have people listen to me.
I also make stickers, I like to do it allot!  But I don't have much to offer with that either.  I'm no artist, and I'm not out and about taking allot of pictures of other peoples work to keep up with a blog or anything.
So as enlightened as I was listening to this webinar, taking in everything they said.  It was like angels singing to me from heaven.  Lights came on like in the movie GHOST, I saw orbs, its hysterical I really felt like a weight was finally lifted from my shoulders.  Then when it was over I was like WTF do I do now?  All this amazing information, and I'm not sure what to use it on?  THIS SUCKS dirty booty!

What stinks even more is I have a million Ideas for my husband to do what he does with his graffiti pictures, and stickers and stuff.  He even has an amazing collection!

Now how do I brand myself.  What is my brand?  I'm Kerry aka QueenBacon  I'm confused and lost and I want to get my head out of my ass, and maybe make some friends, and inspire some people along the way.  I'm out of my mind, but I enjoy it, because inside of a mind could be lonely!

I just want to shout out and thank Danny J and Bex for the chance to take their free webinar!  I just wanted to let them know they are on my to do list!  (can't afford the social academy right now, but I am will in the future when I have some money saved and my hubs is back to work)
I'm not even sure why I'm shouting them out here, because I'm positive that they prob don't look at my blog.  Maybe once I find my niche they will peep my ish!     They are such amazing inspirations.   Strong powerful women with their heads on straight!  (and even if they are not, they do a good job of leading me to believe they do!)

I'm very inspired!  Please leave me a comment with your input!  What would you like to read about?  What would you like me to talk about more?  Please feel free to spill the beans!  All is welcome!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Booooo, I cheated, gained and screwed up my toe...

So on a last minute decision this weekend hubby kiddies and I packed up Sunday and took the trip out to long island to visit my family.  We got there and I said screw a diet, screw gluten hating me I'm eating crap!
Well it was yummy crap lol, and with every bite, worth the sore throat, and worth feeling like crap today.  Not so worth the 10lb gain on the scale (boo hubby only went up three! So not fair!)
My sister and her husband just bought their first house, she's only been there a few days so I'm happy to have been able to help house warm with her having a bbq.  While there I also got to hear my niece Lena sing.  She's 14 and just starting high school.  She asked me to listen and she blew me away.  I got goose bumps (the hair on my legs grew I swear). And tears filled my eyes.  She is amazing, better then Adele!
Now it's Tuesday morning and I'm on my way back to work... hobbling along and not sure how I'm going to exercise.  My daughter dropped her kindle on my toe and it's purple and swollen.  I won't be going on any long walks in the very near future.  It hurts allot to put pressure on it so I'm lost at what exercises to do. 
I'm back on track today and I'll be eating low carb for a while, while money is tight.  Low carb is allot more affordable while on a budget.  So here we go! 151 starting weight again!  Nothing fits boo!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Low carb high fat medium protein!

So I'm eating my macros in 80/15/5 percent fat/protein/carbs
One day under my belt!  I started at about 146lbs.
Yesterday I had 4tbsp heavy cream and 1tbsp coconut oil in coffee.
2nd meal was 30g macadamia nuts
Lunch was 3 egg yolks with 1tbsp kerry gold butter.
Snack 2oz cream cheese
Dinner was 3 yolks 1tbsp butter
And snack was 2tbsp heavy cream with 1oz Kerry gold dubliner cheese!
My total calories were 1462

Not bad for my first day, was not expecting my fat to be that high, it was a pleasant surprise!
This morning I weighed in at 143.6lbs
I did a turbo jam workout and I'm about to go on a walk...  I need to get back into callanetics so maybe I'll do that tonight...
If you want, feel free to add me on myfitnesspal is amazing, I linked it to my bodybugg so I'm tracking everything. Weighing everything with ease! Yahoooo

Monday, August 19, 2013

High fat, low carb, sugar detox

I had a lightbulb pop up over my head this morning.  I love eating vlc/high fat, fat fasting, and paleo/ 21 day sugar detox.. I usually cycle them to lose weight, because unless I watch my carbs very strictly I gain.  So this morning I decided I wanted to mix high fat/medium protein/ low carb, with the 21 day sugar detox, this is going to be hard.  I need dairy free, sugar free ideas!  I have a week to plan to not fail. My macros should look like 80 fat / 15 protein / 5 carbs..  this is going to be hard

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gotta go check out my friends blog!

So my girl in instagram has a blog that kicks arse!
She follows a low carb, high fat/nutritional ketosis way of life...  
Her food and recipes are amazing.. please show your support for a fellow low carber ketosis queen!
The best lchf recipe page!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sorry I was MIA! Glow run, family going Paleo, and MUG CAKE YUM!

I apologize that I have been missing in action.  After last weekend, doing the glow run with friends from work, I felt like crap.  I haven't really been exercising, I have been really tired and I felt like I just need another over haul.  
Hubby and I have been talking about trying the kids on a NOT SO STRICT paleo for a few weeks just to see how they do.  Now what I'm saying not so strict?  Well they will be eating a little rice here and there (my kiddos are SUPER active)  and I promised them if they do good they can have a treat from red mango.  I also plan on getting them some organic dairy (some cheese, yogurt etc).  My kids by no means can afford to lose any weight, but they some times have some behavioral issues, and my daughter has some minor skin issues that I think could benefit.  
We started today.  We filled the fridge with fruits and veggies, and I'm honestly not sure they will even notice all the crap gone.  My daughter is so excited that there is tons of fresh stuff in the fridge for her to munch on, and my 2.5 yr old son could be constantly walking around eating a tomato like its a plum!  lol .  I am going to make sure they get a lot of healthy fats!  Well today is day one for that so hopefully all goes well!   Can anyone suggest a good book to buy for my daughter (shes 7 but ahead in reading)  for her to read to understand paleo, and clean eating?  
Now on to the fun stuff.. Last weekend I ran in a Dance5k at CitiField in Flushing Queens.  OH MY GOSH! SO MUCH FUN!  I ran a lot!  I'm very proud of myself.  We had a kick ass time.  I didn't run the whole thing because we stopped for a few people in the group to use the bathroom (there were porta potties placed around the course).  This is my second 5k of the summer.  I so want to do a tough mudder, but I believe I should be able to do a pushup first!  lol

ok next is on to my Vanilla Mug cake topped with a Strawberry Chia Jam.  OH MY VERY TASTY

I promised the recipe, so here it is!!
1 Egg
1TBSP Coconut flour
1TBSP Almond flour
1TBSP Stevia
1 pinch baking powder
1TBSP coconut oil
1/2tsp Vanilla extract

Mix this all in a mug with fork and microwave for 1.5 minutes

Now for the strawberry chia jam
I chopped up some strawberries, and blended them in my smallest bullet cup, with a sprinkle of stevia. I then added a tablespoon of chia seeds and let it sit in the fridge for a bit after mixing for one quick buzz in my magic bullet.  

Above is the finished product.   Please feel free to question or comment!  XOXOXO  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Im kicking butt! (maybe to hard!??)

So day 2 of my chalean/ brazil buttlift hybrid!
Cardio axe from brazil buttlift this morning.. I don't really care for it, its a little to DANCY for me (if thats even a word)  
I'm not much of a choreographed dancer....  BUT I TRIED, and completed the workout!

I'm sore today, its a good feeling, and it hurts my abs to cough (which is amazing btw)

Hubby went to a mets game (we are yankee fans) but I got them from donating blood a few weeks ago and it was nice for him to have a little time out with out the children with another adult (his step brother who is a mets fan)
He's on his way home now...  
Well anywhooooooooooooooo   I realized from now on I need to eat dinner before exercising!  My appitite is like non existant after working out, is that even normal???
So after making this amazing omelet that was totally ugly (2 eggs, cream cheese, fermented jalapenos, tomatos, mexican blend cheese, and twice fried pork)  I worked out.. I did a turbo jam workout, and another hour of Callanetics.   I REALLY REALLY REALLY can't wait to take more bikini photos.. I'm up to 16.5 total hours
I am supposed to do Burn Circuit 2 tomorrow, I want to try to get up early and do it in the morning and then maybe take the evening off...  I need some extras from costco so I may go there after work anyway, which means i'll prob get a nice long walk in after work!  (need chia seeds, flax seeds, vanilla extract etc)
I am wondering if Costco has a good low carb protein powder?  Any suggestions?  I would really like to maybe replace dinner with a shake.. YAY!  I wish costco had MCT OIL!   Im going to start making myself bullett proof coffee in the morning, but right now im improvising with coconut oil, and ghee (and an egg yolk so it doesn't seperate) AND THE EGGYOLK TRICK WORKS!!!!!
Well everyone, its getting late, and rest is just as important as diet and exercise.. YOU GUYS DONT EVEN TALK BACK TO ME, but seeing the hits on here totally just motivates me to work so much harder..
I'm off to bed to sprawl out till my hubbs gets home!  Sweet dreams everyone!  

Monday, July 22, 2013

CHALEAN EXTREME Vs Callanetics Vs Brazil Buttlift?

ok so I love my callanetics.. how can I not?  anything that I can see my butt move up an inch in a couple of weeks is ok by me!  
I have decided that today I'm going to start doing Chalean extreme again.   I LOVE IT!
Every time I do it I get almost to the end and for whatever reason life gets in the way etc etc etc more excuses more excuses etc..

WELL NOT THIS TIME?  WHY NOT?  Well cause I got you guys watching me, and I will not give up knowing atleast one person might be watching!

So I will still do my callanetics in the morning before work, and complete Chalean Extreme when my children go to bed.  (go away hubby no tv for you!)  lololol

So I have decided to maybe adding a little Brazil buttlift in there as a hybrid (I need all the help I can get for my legs/thighs)  
I have decided I can't do Brazil buttlift alone, because his voice would drive me to drink, he sounds like borat to me and I HATE THAT MOVIE!  anyway...
I found some hybrid schedules online that I'm Going to steal and use as a basis.. EXCEPT these are like 8 week schedules and I still want mine to be a 12 week schedule.  I will do 4 weeks of each circuit...
This is the link to the person who I took the hybrid schedule from: Chalean Extreme Buttlift Hybrid

Anyone down for a challenge?
Well I will be taking pictures as usual, in my ugly bikini, with my saggy bits!  BUTTTTTTTTTT Hopefully by the end of the 3 months my bits will be SAGGY NO MORE!

If anyone is interested in some extra support I started a thread on Low Carb Friends

here is the link to join me in the challenge: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/exercise-board/808346-chalean-extreme-challenge.html

I made a chocolate mugcake yesterday... IT WAS AMAZING!

1T coconut flour
1T flax meal
2T Stevia
1teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1T Cocoa powder
1 egg
1T Coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a mug good with a fork, cook in the microwave for 2 minutes (times may vairy)
then flipped it over on a plate, cut it in half, put some peanut butter on each half and sprinkled with a little more stevia.

I ran out of flax for my kids mug cakes and used 2T coconut flour and it was equilly good!  
If you are looking for a more paleo idea, you could easily sub the stevia or peanut butter..    VERY VERY AMAZING IN FLAVOR!  I'm SOLD!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Badass academy, chalean extreme!

Well Wednesday a few of my co workers and I went to a place called badass academy in bayridge Brooklyn (www.badassacademy.com)  I'm still hurting Friday!
This place kicks ass.  I'm so happy I found out about it! It's the biggest loser yell at me and make me sweat and feel great at the same time, workout I was always looking for.  You can purchase single classes (12-15$) or monthly/yearly unlimited passes.  I got tricked into going to a boot camp class for back and shoulders (my weakness) and I am so proud I finished!  I thought I was going to zumba! Oh well! 
This place really rocks, and the clients rock too!  This isn't your traditional place, everyone is friendly, and cheers each other on. Over all a great vibe!  You may see it from the outside and think you are not fit enough (looks can be intimidating) but this place is it!  I'm so happy I had a chance to work with one of the owners (Jose) because I would have never known about this place, or been able to tell all my co workers about it!
Go check out their schedules on their site, and go try out your first class for free! Woot woot! Make sure to follow them on instagram also for daily motivational tidbits!  If they ask, say queenbacon sent ya!

Oh and my new friend Mari convinced me that I need to start doing chalean extreme again asap. (I was going to wait till next month)
I am making a challenge group on www.lowcarbfriends.com if anyone is interested in joining me!  I'm going to get buffffff!

I'm not giving up my callanetics, so don't even think about it!  I'm going to post more afters after I finish 20hrs (I'm at about15 hours now!)

So after I finished my 21 day sugar detox I went crazy with fruit and paleo treats.  Today at 144lbs (up 2 from my lowest) I started another fat fast to jump start my ketosis, and get rid of cravings.  I'm doing this for 3 days and I'm not quite sure where I'm going from there...  any suggestions?
Well happy Friday and good night everyone!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Badass what?

So today I'm stepping out off my comfort zone. 
With some of the girls at work, and a big boss we are going to take a fitness class after work.  The place is called bad ass academy (www.badassacademy.com) tell them queenbacon sent ya lol
This place is real deal no joke 6000 square feet is hard core ass whipping muscle building boot camps!
I'm scared, I can't even do a push up on my knees, but since I'm with my co workers and I'm the hard core paleo healthy eating nut I mentally have something to prove.  Cause I might look sweet but ima be a bad ass too!
Don't worry I'll post about it later (if im not in a wheel chair lol)
We are either taking beauty and the beast ( boot camp and Zuma combined) or back and shoulders (god help me now lol)
Ok back to work I go! Reviewed later!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Color mob 5k today

So my family and I did our first 5k today... I'm pretty sure we may be hooked!  It was a color run this one was called "color mob 5k" 
We had an amazing time..  here are some pictures from the race! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 hours callanetics done!

Ok so I promised before and after four my 10 hours of callanetics.. 
I don't see any life changing results. Buttttt considering the results I have seen in only 10 hours (10 sessions) I'm very pleased.  So pleased I just finished my 11th hour! I may post 20 hour results if anyone shows interest! 
Tomorrow is my last day of my sugar detox too and it's my birthday! 33 new me yeah! 
I seem to be hovering around 141-143 so I'm assuming that's what I'll wake up the day after tomorrow...
Oh I also did my 20 minute chalean turbo jam workout too!
Please let me know what your think.. the left's are the before, the right is the after, my hair is cut now lol oh yeah and I'm more tan lol.....


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just had a head slapping moment..... :(

Ok so for some reason I just measured my height.. Then measured it again, and measured it once more.  I'm 2" shorter then I thought I was.  For years I thought I was 5'8, I have been measuring everything by that etc....  Well now I know the truth.. I'm only 5'6 I'm not as tall as I thought, which explains how certain things don't fit me yet..

Anywho the plus side is atleast now I know why all these years I always thought I looked so much fatter for my height then other girls my height and weight (DUH THEY WERE NOT MY HEIGHT THEY WERE 2" TALLER)
The negative side is since I'm small boned I have more weight to lose :( which makes me sad, but hey I enjoy losing weight.. the Challenge of it..
Ok now I'm just average in height.... lmao  now on to your regularly scheduled programming..   BOOOOOOOOO

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This is MY biggest motivation, and why I strive for better!

Created by PhotoGrid. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roidapp.photogrid

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hey I'm kicking ass!

Just finished my 5th hour of my 10 years younger in 10 hours (callanetics)
This morning I did a chalean Johnson turbo jam workout! I'm kicking butt!  I'm hovering around 142lbs, but I'm ok with it.  Especially since the time of month just hit like ww3 (horrid cramps) sorry tmi.  I'm hoping that over time I'm going to shed at least 3 to 4 more pounds (my birthday is in 9 days!)
I'm so excited too! Thanks guys for looking at my page! I'm very excited that my page has over 500 hits! Thanks for looking , it's a great insperation to me! 
Tomorrow morning I'm going to do the turbo jam fat blaster work out! Woot woot!

Can't wait to post my callanetics before and after bikini shots! They are frightening so please don't eat to much before looking (will be posting around my birthday!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Callanetics! 10 years younger in 10 hours

So I'm busting out and oldie but goodie!  I did my first hour in a long time this morning, followed by a 20 minute turbo jam workout.
Total body makeover for queen bacon!
I'm making hubby take bikini photos later for before shots, then if the results are good I'll post my before and after so you guys can get in on the action. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dinner is served!

Zucchini noodles in a spicy tomato clam sauce!

One week in! Got my crunch

I feel great, I'm down to 140.8lbs. I'm so excited that this is pre pregnancy weight from before my son! My body has changed so much I the last week I'm amazed! 
5 days down on my sugar detox and I already feel great, I can even go with out. My coffee some days!
Stress is so much easier to handle also!  This weekend I did allot, went to the mermaids parade in Coney island (walked about 15k steps) walked around Williamsburg, into Manhattan, over the Manhattan bridge back into Brooklyn (about 19k steps)

I went from a size 10 to a size six.  My body was stuck in those 10s for about 2 years.  Last time I lost weight before my son I got stuck between 145-155 for years! I'd finally break the stall and go right back up to the top! I have probably lost close to 300 lbs gaining and losing that same 10 lbs!
That is not an exaggeration either lol.  Now that I'm exercising, eating healthy, being active and talking about it I'm hoping to keep it off.  Yayyyyyyyy

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day one of my 3rd 21 day sugar detox

If you care to join me, please feel free to click the link above my post!
I weigh in this morning at 143.8 yay!  I expect this to go up before it goes down again because I retain tons of water with carb consumption.
I feel great, I did a turbo jam work out this morning too! 
I started doing my squats again, and I also am doing 10 wall pushups (can't do regular yet)  on a bar in the handicap stall at my job every time I go to the bathroom!
I'm sore and it feels great.
Breakfast is sauteed veggies with some hard boiled eggs.
Lunch is a salad with tuna...
Dinner will be a slow cooked pork roast with I'm not sure what veggies yet lol...