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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Callanetics! 10 years younger in 10 hours

So I'm busting out and oldie but goodie!  I did my first hour in a long time this morning, followed by a 20 minute turbo jam workout.
Total body makeover for queen bacon!
I'm making hubby take bikini photos later for before shots, then if the results are good I'll post my before and after so you guys can get in on the action. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dinner is served!

Zucchini noodles in a spicy tomato clam sauce!

One week in! Got my crunch

I feel great, I'm down to 140.8lbs. I'm so excited that this is pre pregnancy weight from before my son! My body has changed so much I the last week I'm amazed! 
5 days down on my sugar detox and I already feel great, I can even go with out. My coffee some days!
Stress is so much easier to handle also!  This weekend I did allot, went to the mermaids parade in Coney island (walked about 15k steps) walked around Williamsburg, into Manhattan, over the Manhattan bridge back into Brooklyn (about 19k steps)

I went from a size 10 to a size six.  My body was stuck in those 10s for about 2 years.  Last time I lost weight before my son I got stuck between 145-155 for years! I'd finally break the stall and go right back up to the top! I have probably lost close to 300 lbs gaining and losing that same 10 lbs!
That is not an exaggeration either lol.  Now that I'm exercising, eating healthy, being active and talking about it I'm hoping to keep it off.  Yayyyyyyyy

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day one of my 3rd 21 day sugar detox

If you care to join me, please feel free to click the link above my post!
I weigh in this morning at 143.8 yay!  I expect this to go up before it goes down again because I retain tons of water with carb consumption.
I feel great, I did a turbo jam work out this morning too! 
I started doing my squats again, and I also am doing 10 wall pushups (can't do regular yet)  on a bar in the handicap stall at my job every time I go to the bathroom!
I'm sore and it feels great.
Breakfast is sauteed veggies with some hard boiled eggs.
Lunch is a salad with tuna...
Dinner will be a slow cooked pork roast with I'm not sure what veggies yet lol...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fat Fast! 1.5 days down, 1.5 days to go!

Ok so its Tuesday evening.  I am still fat fasting, and have already lost 2lbs.  I have been pretty much sticking to cream cheese on lettuce, or on yam noodles.  Mornings is heavy cream in coffee.  I am eating 5 meals, at 200 calories a meal with about 90% of my calories from fat.

I really can't wait untill I start the 21 day sugar detox on Thursday!  I love sugar detoxing, I feel great, and lose weight!

Once my daughter is done with school im going to try the kids on a paleo/primal diet for a few weeks to see how they do.

I promised that I would post the flyer for the blogger meetup!  so here it is!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Updates and challenges

Ok for about a week I was sick with a crazy stomach bug.  (My Son and I both)  I had no appetite, and everything went in one end and came out the other in NO TIME FLAT (sorry TMI).  Good news was I lost like 6lbs in that week, bad news is now that I'm better I gained it all back! BOOOOOOOOOO!

So my birthday is less then a month away (July 10th), and I still have personal goals to meet!  What does that mean?  Well I will be doing alot of posting to keep myself accountable, and with every ones help I will be able to stay on track and get my crap together.  I need to make sure I exercise every day, and stay on plan.
How do I expect to get near my goals?  Well, first off I plan on eating the Atkins, fat fast for Today, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Starting this Thursday I will begin a 21 day sugar detox (which I can' t wait for believe it or not!) .  The sugar detox will be over on July 10th (my birthday)
Interested in doing the Sugar Detox with me?

I plan on trying to exercise every day , and I will be wearing my bodybugg to track my steps, and burned calories.
My starting weight today was 150lbs nice even number!

For everyone that blogs, or is into health and nutrition July 14th Some of my instagram female blogging pals will be having a BYOL (bring your own lunch) birthday picnic in the park.    They are a bunch of great gals and all 3 of us are celebrating July Birthdays!  (I will accept gifts of bacon) lmao jk...
Please check out their blogs also!!!!
http://namastemari.com and http://www.exsoycise.com
Oh and look at that, since I'm meeting these 2 hotties with hot bodies for the first time, that is more inspiration for me to stay on track and bust my bottom!
I will be posting the flyer for the event in the next few days, so check back!

Last but not least, Money is tight and I am very interested in going back to school.  I have decided that this is something that I really want to do.  I want to take the health coach certification from Integrative Nutrition.  I was thinking about making and selling some Queen Bacon gear (those of you who follow me on IG know its a bacon with a crown)  to make money on the side to save for school.  Hats, Grocery bags, shirts.. I'm not sure yet, but I would really like every ones input.  All the money is going into the Kerry's Education Fund!

Keep and eye on here for updates.  I plan on blogging about my detox almost every day!  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My paleo crepes!

6 eggs
1tbsp coconut flour
Sweetner of choice
Dash of cinnamon, dash of nutmeg, dash off ginger
1 teaspoon of vanilla

I blended in my bullet, and fried then off in coconut oil in my greenie pan which happens to be the perfect size.  I then topped with almond butter and bananas

This is paleo, gluten free, primal and low carb depending on your fillings.. I plan on trying this with bacon and chocolate chips, and maybe making a low carb strawberry shortcake They are a little thick but they hold up well enough for the filing so you can eat with your hands! I may try a savory version also for some meat!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Now and Then...

So heres my story.   Its not the whole thing, but a slight breafing on who I am , who I was, how I got here, where I may be going etc...
I was thick when I was little.  I remember being heavy when I moved back to NY from Florida when I was little (around 7 or 8) but I didn't think there was anything wrong with it, I just rolled with it.  No one ever made jokes, or poked fun at me.  I didn't really realize I was "fat" until I was in my teens.  In junior high (oh wait they call it middle school now?)  and high school I was made fun of.  I didn't understand why, so what I'm thick, there were people bigger then I was!  I didn't get it, but it hurt bad.  I don't think people really understood how much the words hurt.  I avoided going to class, skipping classes that I knew people who made fun of me were in.  It sucked, I look back and think about how I played the viola and was promised scholarships when I graduated.  It upsets me but also makes me who I am and I'm ok with that. 
I got into alot of trouble for skipping classes , the dean called my mother in to school and told her I either drop out of HS and I have the chance to come back when I get my crap together, or drop out.  My mother signed me out that day, and the very same evening I got a job at a local grocery store.  I was 16.
I have been working since, I also did alot of partying and things I shouldn't have been.   I remember being 150lbs and hating it, thinking I'm so fat.  I hover around 150lbs now and think JESUS WTF WAS WRONG WITH ME?   Over time I bartended, had some really bad relationships etc.  My weight went up to around 175lbs and back down to 150 etc.  I would starve myself, excessivly diet, take tons of OTC meds like stacker 2's with ephedra (oh those were the days!).  I even found a connect from mexico to get really cheap clenbuterol and thyroid meds.  I just coudln't lose weight, or be happy with myself. 
Then I met my amazing husband, I still can't believe I met an amazing person who I had almost nothing in common with but got along great with.  I didn't want to even be apart from him.  When I saw him it was love at first sight.  We had agreat time going out, eating, eating again, partying drinking, having a great time.  I never even noticed that my weight skyrocketed to 230lbs in just a few short months (im 5'8 btw) .
I'll never forget the day, my periods were always irregular, and I was sick as a dog.  Pat (hubby) was out on long island visiting me for the weekend.  Something told me to get a pregnancy test I took one it came back positive (I took like 10 more after that I didn't even believe I could get pregnant!)  I was convinced that the nyquil I was taking must have given me a falst positive result.  I was in denial.  Pat told everyone he knew that we were going to be parents ( we were offically together 5 months)  I wasn't even sure that I wanted to be a mommy!  I told Pat, if you want this child you will marry me.  December 9th 2005 we were married.. Best decision of my life..  Now hes mine, back up you all can't have him lol...
I'll never forget my first doctors appointment, this was my wake up call.. The point I was getting to; "Ms. ***** you are morbidly obease and putting your unborn child at risk, please make sure that you do not gain more then 15lbs during this pregnancy or you may hurt your child" 
This stuck like glue, I actually didn't gain any weight during this pregnancy, and I think that being pregnant actually helped reset my metabolism from all the crash diets, and yoyo dieting.   After giving birth to my amazing daughter Emma, I vowed to be more healthy, to lose weight and be a positive influence on her.  I wanted her to know what healthy was, to be happy with who she is, and know how beautiful she is every day. 
I have tried some wacked things, like juice fasting, and the master cleanse.  I tried low carb, and it has pretty much stuck since 2007 along with Paleo/Primal. 
I dropped from 230lbs down to 140lbs in late 2009 early 2010.  I then got pregnant with my son PJ and gained over 70lbs and I'm still losing that weight.   I never really exercised, so I'm trying to get into that also.  Since having my son, and eating paleo/low carb I have noticed my sensativity to gluetin, and my body loves to cycle carbs.  Every day is a new challenge, every day I struggle to lose weight, stay positive, and move foward.   I slip up just like everyone else but I have to remember to be a positive influence on my husband and children.  Every day I tell them I love them, I tell them how amazing they are, and I thank god for sending them to me because I wouldn't be where I am today.  I have had some dark times in my past, but it helps me see how bright my future may be. 
I signed up for my first 2 runs (both 5ks in July)  and I hope to be able to save money to take a class to become a certified health coach (intergrative nutrition)  Every day I will become better for myself, and to be a positive influence on others.  I plan becoming more physically fit, and being toned and not worrying about the number on the scale so much.  I will some day soon look at myself in the mirror nude and say HOLY SH*T I LOOK AMAZING!  One day soon!  I know it will happen, it has to happen, I can do it!  Hopefully you follow me along the way.  Feel free to ask questions, or comment. 
This is my year, its an odd year (2013) and I am going to be a double odd age (33)  So this is my time to SHINE!  

me in 2005 @ 230lbs

Me a few weeks ago after the 21 day sugar detox , and a fat fast losing weight for the www.sweatybetties.com diet bet (May 2013) @ 145lbs

Work in PROGRESS!!!!   Every day I will be a better me!