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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chalean extreme starting Monday!

So I plan on starting and following chalean extreme starting Monday September 30th.  I want to get a challenge going if anyone is interested!  I will be sticking to and following low carb high fat during this journey!  I have never really started to and stuck to the whole plan (don't follow the diet though).  This time I would love to! 
Is anyone interested in being in a challenge with me?  If so please comment!  If I get enough people I'll start a private fb group for us...

I'm sick of being lazy and unmotivated, I'm not getting any younger or healthier..  I need to build muscle!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I took my first Webinar! but now I am lost. :(

So I dream about being able to blog, make money, have people who follow and trust my opinions.  That is so awesome to me.  I dream about it, it is what I want to do.  I want to have a popular blog, I want to talk to people with common likes and interests.   I want to be able to take it and run with it and never turn back.

Last night I took my first webinar!  www.thesweatybetties.com  and www.bexlife.com had a free hour or so webinar last night about how to pursue social media and make money doing what you love.   It was kind of an intro to there seminar coming up next month (http://socialacademycoaching.com)
I was sucked in, taking in every bit of information they spoke.  It was amazing to me, how did they make it seem so simple, so easy and I haven't done this yet.   I have myself a blog, I have myself an instagram with a few people looking every now and then, I have an inactive YouTube, I know how to use twitter, and I know how to use Facebook!  Half the work is done for me!  

Then the thoughts kicked in.   "Just pick what you love and go with it, if you believe in it, and stick with it people will follow, just be consistent" ...
OH NO!!!!  What do I love?  I love health and weight loss, I'm great at losing weight!  I have prob lost the same 25lbs 80 times?  (ok maybe like the last 10lbs not 25 but if you know me I like to over exaggerate) I cycle allot though between low carb, very low carb, lchf, and primal/paleo.  Why would you listen to me though I'm not certified in anything, I'm not a health coach, I'm not a nutritionist!  Why follow me when you can follow people with credentials?
I love bacon!  but I don't love it so much to have a blog about just bacon!  Bacon is amazing but its played out, I mean you search bacon on instagram and 2 million photos come up!
I love fitness, I love to talk about it, I love to obsess about it!  But guess what?  I'm lazy, I don't do it every day, and I'm not certified in that either! I'm a certified oxygen magazine reader though!!!!!!
Oh and I'm a foodie, I love food.  I like to take pictures of my ugly dinners and such.  But I hate writing recipes!  I do on occasion when they are simple and easy, but I do not have the patience to write about it constantly enough to have people listen to me.
I also make stickers, I like to do it allot!  But I don't have much to offer with that either.  I'm no artist, and I'm not out and about taking allot of pictures of other peoples work to keep up with a blog or anything.
So as enlightened as I was listening to this webinar, taking in everything they said.  It was like angels singing to me from heaven.  Lights came on like in the movie GHOST, I saw orbs, its hysterical I really felt like a weight was finally lifted from my shoulders.  Then when it was over I was like WTF do I do now?  All this amazing information, and I'm not sure what to use it on?  THIS SUCKS dirty booty!

What stinks even more is I have a million Ideas for my husband to do what he does with his graffiti pictures, and stickers and stuff.  He even has an amazing collection!

Now how do I brand myself.  What is my brand?  I'm Kerry aka QueenBacon  I'm confused and lost and I want to get my head out of my ass, and maybe make some friends, and inspire some people along the way.  I'm out of my mind, but I enjoy it, because inside of a mind could be lonely!

I just want to shout out and thank Danny J and Bex for the chance to take their free webinar!  I just wanted to let them know they are on my to do list!  (can't afford the social academy right now, but I am will in the future when I have some money saved and my hubs is back to work)
I'm not even sure why I'm shouting them out here, because I'm positive that they prob don't look at my blog.  Maybe once I find my niche they will peep my ish!     They are such amazing inspirations.   Strong powerful women with their heads on straight!  (and even if they are not, they do a good job of leading me to believe they do!)

I'm very inspired!  Please leave me a comment with your input!  What would you like to read about?  What would you like me to talk about more?  Please feel free to spill the beans!  All is welcome!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Booooo, I cheated, gained and screwed up my toe...

So on a last minute decision this weekend hubby kiddies and I packed up Sunday and took the trip out to long island to visit my family.  We got there and I said screw a diet, screw gluten hating me I'm eating crap!
Well it was yummy crap lol, and with every bite, worth the sore throat, and worth feeling like crap today.  Not so worth the 10lb gain on the scale (boo hubby only went up three! So not fair!)
My sister and her husband just bought their first house, she's only been there a few days so I'm happy to have been able to help house warm with her having a bbq.  While there I also got to hear my niece Lena sing.  She's 14 and just starting high school.  She asked me to listen and she blew me away.  I got goose bumps (the hair on my legs grew I swear). And tears filled my eyes.  She is amazing, better then Adele!
Now it's Tuesday morning and I'm on my way back to work... hobbling along and not sure how I'm going to exercise.  My daughter dropped her kindle on my toe and it's purple and swollen.  I won't be going on any long walks in the very near future.  It hurts allot to put pressure on it so I'm lost at what exercises to do. 
I'm back on track today and I'll be eating low carb for a while, while money is tight.  Low carb is allot more affordable while on a budget.  So here we go! 151 starting weight again!  Nothing fits boo!