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Thursday, April 28, 2016


So this has been a very busy, very stressful year so far.
Lets start off saying I am totally a creature of habit.  I could do the same thing, eat the same thing, like a machine day in and day out.  Some times I think to my self, "Kerry how do you ever expect to move up in life doing the same comfortable thing all the time and expecting a different outcome?"
For years now my husband and I have been struggling paying bills, making ends meet just trying to get by.  We dreamed of some day moving to Texas (we just assumed we would never be able to own our own house in NY, because its just to damn expensive(yes we even altered our dreams just to be more realistic.)) Hubby lived in Brooklyn his WHOLE life, I am a LAWNG-ISLAND girl myself, but moved to Brooklyn and lived there for just about 10yrs .  For the last couple of years we talked about moving back to Long Island to be closer to my family but really thought it would never happen.  We always set goals that we would do it this year, no really this year (this went on for about 3 yrs).

Well this year I actually put it in my set of goals for 2016.  After we did our taxes we realized that maybe we can rent out east near my parents and sister.  We looked at all the sites, it seemed that renting out here is just as f'n expensive as renting in Brooklyn!  But at least out here we would have a bit more space (we were living in a 1 bedroom apartment, 2 adults, 2 children, 2 cats and a small dog).  We also came to realize that my almost 10 year old daughter who is almost 5 feet tall isn't going to be free much longer on the MTA, and paying for a monthly unlimited for myself, $2.75 for my husband, and $2.75 for my daughter just to go one way was going to be another huge expense.
Well my hubby had this great idea!  Maybe my parents would get a 2 family house near my sister.  It's a buyers market there (Mastic/Shirley) and the property and taxes are not so bad.  Well there was a misunderstanding, it turned into a huge fight with my husband and it turned out to be the biggest fight we ever had.  It also happened to be the most productive fight we ever had, let me explain.
Well I just figured I had bad credit.  I called my father to apologize about the misunderstanding and he asked me about my credit score.  I didn't know my credit score, I just figured I had bad credit because of some bad mistakes I made in my late teens (even though this was more than 10yrs ago).
Well he told me to go to creditkarma, check my score etc.  Well I did.  I had GOOD CREDIT!  I went to quicken loans, got pre approved for a mortgage and here I am.  Sitting in my new house.  Walking distance from the beach, a yard, an amazing Florida room, and a back yard for the kids to play in.
This was such a scary leap!  I get to work part time from home, for my job that I worked for in Brooklyn, and I am bartending on the weekend.  Hubby also found a job with almost no problems.  It is a total dream come true.

I forgot about exercise and eating healthy though, because honestly buying a home was the most stressful thing I have ever done in my life.  I gained about 12lbs, stopped worrying about my fitbit, and fell off track.  I have to admit there are tons of gluten free carbage out here that I just want to stuff my face with.  So here I am becoming accountable and getting my ass in gear again.

I am 163lbs, and almost 38% fat.  So I am going to get my shit together starting now.  no excuses!

HOLDDDDDDDDDD ON THIS RIDE IS GOING TO BE BUMPY!  But, with out the bumpy roads, how will you ever appreciate the smooth sailing?