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Monday, January 18, 2016

Alternating the fat fast and egg fast

So I have decided that I need to shake some holiday weight gain, and focus on what I know works.
My plan of action is 3 days fat fast,  3 days egg fast and 1 day regular keto/low carb.
I have also upped my daily step goal on my fitbit to 15,000 steps a day instead of just 10,000.
A few weeks ago I tried starting Shaun T25 again,  and my knee was not to happy with that decision.  I am going to try to do 1 hour of callanetics every other day along with my higher step goal. 
My starting weight is 159.6
I want to try to do this for at least 2 weeks to see what the outcome is,  and I'm going to try to post on here more regularly for accountability.
Happy Monday everyone!