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Saturday, January 16, 2016


So a few months back I read all the rave reviews about this magical maca root powder.  I bit the bullet after doing some (but not enough) research.  I used it once in a blue moon, but not consistently. I would take it before the family would go on a long walk, or once in a while when I would actually remember to mix it into my coffee, or smoothie shake.
Last week I decided to make it a habit.  Every morning I mixed a teaspoon into my morning smoothie.  WOOHOO! Energy poured through my veins.  The stuff is legal amphetamines.  I could run a race, clean the house, go to work, run another race and no afternoon caffeine crash!   I was so happy that I found something that made me feel amazing, gave me energy, no jitters, and a clear head!
NOT SO FAST...  This was all in the first couple of days, but lets jump to day 3.  I started to get hot flashes.  I am a cold person. I don't really sweat, and let me tell you my office in the winter at work with out my space heater on is usually around 55-60º.  I wear a sweater, and I put the heater on high pumping hot air.  These hot flashes were horrible, I had to shut off the heater, take off my sweater and wipe my neck with cold baby wipes.  then I would cool off and be back to my regular over dressed heat pumping maniac.  Now along with the hot flashes was anxiety and mood swings.  Like "don't fucking look at me, I'll rip your god damn head off... oh wait why are you looking at me, please don't look at me, I want my MOMMY!!!! WAHHHH!!!"  Not cool...
Now at 35, I like to think I am not pre menopausal, and about a week after my period is over, its not quite PMS time.
Now fast forward to day 4.  Oh look a painful whitehead on my chin staring me in the face first thing in the morning. First tie going pee at work around 10am..  TWO MORE PAINFUL WHITEHEADS! By the time I went home I must of had about 10 painful white heads on my lower face.  I am going to admit I did pop them, and every single time I did and I looked in the mirror again they were right back looking me in the eye full of white ick.
Now this is when I said OK MACA is the only new thing I am doing, let me do some research.
The first thing I found was maca defiantly alters hormones, this is not something I am ok with.  I can't take any birth control (even nuva ring) because  even a speck of hormones send me into crazy town, and I am very sensitive.
The second thing I found was that people with thyroid issues should steer clear of it.  When I went home I threw it out.
Now fast forward to day 5 (no longer taking maca)  I woke up looking like the worst person on a proactive commercial.  It was very painful also, not just to look at, but to touch.  I have gotten break outs, even really bad ones that made me not want to go to school that day.  7 days later and my face is still healing, and I am still trying to get some glow to my skin back.

What did I learn from all this?  YMMV (your mileage may vary)
Not everything is great for everyone, and when taking these natural remedies, or pills, herbs, etc make sure to do your research, and please only try one thing at a time.  I know some of us health nuts walk into GNC and buy 10 new things that we have heard of and start taking them all the next day.  THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA.  You can't be in tune with your body by doing this, and you can't know what works, what doesn't, and what is giving you an ill effect.
I'm writing this because I think if even one person benefits from it, I have done my job and my mistake wasn't in vain.
Hope everyone has an amazing day!!